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I know very little about this picture. 1930 is just a guess, I may be out by 20 years! It is a Percy Simms picture, not postally used but the back quotes a postal rate of a halfpenny. This rate was increased in June 1918 but the picture can't be that old as it seems to be the school, built in 1928, in the background. Presumably Percy was using up old stocks of printing paper.

I'd like to hear from anyone who can offer any more information or identify a face. Email me.

I was very pleased to find this original picture. The hockey team, and they look a formidable bunch! The location is the front of the school, outside the girls' entrance. The date is unknown, but the uniforms would suggest it is early in the life of the school. With such an old picture it is difficult to find out information so can you help by studying it carefully and seeing if you can recognise a parent or grandparent? Please email with any information.