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1st XI Football Team (one person missing!) with names identified by Walter Padley on the original. I have suggested possible first names in brackets and italics, from the original 1928 roll. I would appreciate any confirmation or otherwise of these suggestions.
Back row L-R: Ronald James Richardson, (Peter Henry?) Jones, Walter Padley, (Wilfrid?) Harrison, (Ralph Hazleton?) Woodward.
Front row: Lewis, (Eric Ernest?) Clarke, Craft, Lawrence, Insall

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Packer photo from Walter Padley's collection, courtesy of Dave Padley.

The 1st XI Cricket team. Both Rosemary Filby (daughter of Ronald Richardson) and Dave Padley have provided pictures of this team. At first I thought they were identical but close inspection shows they were taken seconds apart (unusual for a Packer picture, the taking of which was usually a long and involved process!). We originally had it listed as 1933, but information from Dave makes it clear it is actually 1932. Walter Padley has provided identifications on the rear:

Back row L-R: Preston, Insall, Clarke, Ronald James Richardson, Lewis, ?Kench
Front row L-R: Woodward, Craft, Edgington, Walter Padley, Wallis.

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Packer photo courtesy of Rosemary Filby and Dave Padley.

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