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Hilary Murphy, daughter of John Thompson (back row 3rd from left) has very kindly provided this picture which was given to her by Stanley Hobbs (back row second from right). We have very few pictures of the school in its early years so were particularly pleased to receive this one. A copy has also come from Dave Padley, son of Walter Padley. The picture was previously listed on this website as 1933 but from Dave's information I have now reclassified it as 1932. It is believed to show the members of the Chess Club or the Science Club outside the school main entrance. The original picture was taken by Packer's Studio. A list of some of the people shown is given below the picture, if you know any more please email.


Back row, left to right:
1. ?
2. ?
3. John (Jack) Thompson
4. Walter Padley (later to become a Government minister)
5. ?
6. ? Woodward
7. Jack Fletcher
8. Geoff Woolcock
9. ?
11. Stanley Hobbs
12. ? Fawdrey
Middle row, left to right:
1. John Pascoe
2. ? Griffin
3. Leonard Miles
4. B. C. Orme MA (Head Master)
5. Mr Watts (Teacher)
6. ?
7. ?
Front row, left to right:
1. ?
2. ? Putman
3. ? Gibbs