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Rosemary Filby has kindly provided some pictures from the School's very early days. These belonged to her father, Ronald James Richardson, who attended Chipping Norton County School from September 1928 to July 1933.  Mr Richardson can also be seen on the 1928 school photograph, 11th from the left in the back row. Rosemary tells us: "Dad must have been quite good at both football and cricket as I have his 'colours' for both sports in an old envelope, together with a reference written for him by Mr.Steward the headmaster on
his leaving school.  Dad lived at Bruern Abbey - his father was the Head Gardener at the house and used to cycle into school each day."

This nicely-mounted photo shows the football team, with Ronald James Richardson seated on the left. The insignia at the top is basically the Chipping Norton Town Seal of 1606 but with added trees and clouds. In later years a rather different castle design was used for blazer badges. The location is the same as the cricket picture but it would seem not taken at the same time as the windows are now closed!

Ronald Richardson's sporting "colours", carefully preseved by him and now by his daughter over the years.