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Mary White, Gillian Ford, Charlie Hunt

This early fifties picture shows Mary White (back left); Gillian Ford from Charlbury (back right); Doreen (front left) and "Charlie" Hunt (front right, possibly her real name was Charlotte but she was always known as Charlie).

All were from the class of 1950-1955.

Email us if you recognise yourself in this picture!

Photo courtesy of Mary Reed (White)


Doreen Belcher has sent us this photo of the rounders team. The exact year is not known but it is the early 1950s. The names from the left, back row first, are:
Janet (?), Doreen Pizzie (now Belcher), Angela Sale, Sheila Buckingham, Valerie (?), Kate Knibbs, Christine Harwood, Jasmin Steele, Pauline Andrews (?)

Please let us know if you can confirm any names or the date.