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This picture from 1953 or 1954 was taken on the occasion of a staff v 6th form hockey match.

Back row from left: Mr Gibbs; Betty Harrop; Mr Partridge (?); Mr Martin (Headmaster); Mr Jeffries; Mr Beard; Mr Henry; Leonard Miles "Smiler"; Roland Ransome.

The woman teacher at the front is Miss Knowles. Rosalie Tidmarsh is the 3rd girl in front row. Jean Goffe is behind her. Brian Brindle is also at end of front row.

This picture was kindly provided by Elizabeth Cope (Ransome) - she can't name any of the pupils as the picture was taken several years before she was at the school.

Email if you can identify anyone.

25th anniversary dinner in the school hall (the present day library). Walter Padley is seated between the window and external door, next but one to the right of the vicar. Walter returned to the school again in 1978 for the 50th anniversary.

The middle two people nearest the camera and turned to face it are Stan and Molly Wykes. Stan was the headmaster of the C of E Boys school in Church St.

Opposite them are Gwynneth (nee Burbidge) and George Warrick (he is craning his neck to avoid being blocked by Stanley Wykes).Gywnneth was a former pupil who became school secretary. George worked at Barclays Bank on the High St later moving to Lechlade. Just behind, and flanking Gwynneth Warrick, are Alan and Joyce Craft.

Partly hidden centre left is Robert ('Bob') Bunting.

Rosalie Tidmarsh (Head girl) standing near the window next to Head boy Roger Miles. Mr Martin (Headmaster) is seated in front of her.

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Packer photo from Walter Padley's collection, courtesy of Dave Padley.

Thanks to Steve Ransome, Julian Warrick and Jean (Shingler) Ball for identifications.