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These pictures have been very kindly supplied to us by Nick Kennedy.

1962 Cricket Team.

Back row L-R: Graham Cross, Pete Mulhearn, Nick Kennedy, Trevor Evans, Phil Hatton, Richard Elliot.
Front row L-R: Robert Keel, Rob Franklin, David Beard, Pete Hanks (capt.), Steve Hanks (?), Phil Boddington.

Nick Kennedy says: "I am a bit uncertain about the year of this team. I thought at first it was a First XI side but on reflection think it was probably a mixture of fifth and first year sixth as some of the players did not move on to sixth year who are in the photo. Makes you think where time has gone as it was 44 years ago."

Steve Barnett says: "Three of the people in the photo... Rob (Ned) Franklin, Peter Hanks, and Dave Beard... were contempories of mine and would have been in the First XI at but I don't recognise the names of any of the others. Maybe my memory is failing but I was permanent 12th man/scorer at the time and would have expected to see the likes of Maurice Hatton and Cliff Hanson if it were the school first team. Perhaps it a House team. The four houses all had cricket teams (both junior and senior) and competed for a trophy during the summer term."

Football Under 15s 1961

Back row L-R: Nick Kennedy, Clive Hill, Terry Cox, Eric Swan, Eric Clarke, Mike Jefferson.
Front Row L-R: Chris Mathews, John Hunt, Graham Cross (capt.), Tim Ludlow, Steve Hanks.

This team reached the final of the Gold Cup to Dr. Radcliffe's School from Steeple Aston 3-1 after replay. Both games played at Banbury United (then Banbury Spencer) Stadium.

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