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Class 2A

Roger Sewell kindly sent us this great picture of Miss Bellwood's class (2A) in 1962. Apart from anything else, it is unusal to find a colour picture from this time. Roger comments: "Don't we look an angelic lot?". Can anyone explain why there are twice as many boys as girls?

Back Row: David Bridges, Barry Fletcher, Stuart Smith, Duncan Douglas.

Row Two: Keith Wykes, Peter Leahy, Derek Becket, Maurice Sandars, Geoff Beck.

Row Three: Roger Sewell, Glyn Pearman, Keith Mumby, Richard Crozier, Chris Archer, Alan Souch, Alan Swann, Maurice Chittenden, Malcolm Fiddler, Julian Warwick.

Front Row: Margaret Painting, Margaret Aldridge, Jennifer Taplin, Julia Hood,
Shirley Towers, Bridget Calcut, Jane Kench, Jennifer Harrison, Jane Cripps.

The photo is dated as having been printed in November 1962, but I think Miss Bellwood took it just after we joined class 2A in the September of that year.

Photo: Miss Bellwood.

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