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The First XI cricket team.

Currently here in the 1965 archives but it could be 1964 or 1966 - if you know please tell us.

Back Row: Roger Mold,......?, Tim Close, Phil Barnet, ......?.......?........? Stephen Ransome.
Front Row: Chris Archer, Anthony Blagrove, Peter Hunt, Richard Elliott,.....?

Thanks to Peter Hunt and Bryan Akers for identifications


Photo courtesy of Stephen Ransome

Another picture from the collection of Stephen Ransome, who tells us:

"This is the team photo of the first ever Rugby XV to represent CNS. it was started by Keith Taylor a year or so after he joined the staff at CNS.We played 3/4 games against Sherbourne (now closed), near Burford and Banbury School. Needless to say we did not win any of the games but were only narrowly beaten in the first game by Sherbourne.
The game developed further after I left and I remember a well organised and improved team when I returned to play for the Staff XV in December '67.On that occasion the school lost but not by much.
Most of the players also played for the school football teams. The photo only has 13 players so at least 2 are missing.Perhaps the 'missing' players could be named by someone with a better memory than mine. I
think one of them was Alan Smith,a talented ball game player, who was in the year below."

Back Row: Dave Bridges, Barry Fletcher, Tim Close, Bryan Akers, Barry Mulhearn, Glyn Pearman, Richard Sheffield.

Front Row: Steven Goodway, Stuart Smith, Stephen Ransome, Mike Beauchamp,Keith Edgington, Dave Morris.

Thanks to Bryan Akers for identifications.

Photo courtesy of Stephen Ransome