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Maths class and fete.

1B Maths class. This is room M1, following the move-around in 1974 it was a history room for many years and was "room 1" under the 1970s numbering scheme. Today it is part of the 6th form centre.We would like to put some names to this picture, please email if you know any.

Photo: Eric Sewell

School fete on 14th May 1966. It is interesting to note how the surroundings have changed over the years. Fox Close is in the background, but the Lido has not yet been built. I think the large green tree rear centre is one of those within the present day Lido perimeter. The industrial-looking brick building appears to be sited on the present-day sunken hockey pitch and is, I believe, part of the old Hitchman's Brewery.

Photo: Eric Sewell.


Another view of the fete, with the "outside gym" in the background. Are you in this picture? Let us know! Peter Keen has spotted a number of familiar faces, click here to see his identifications (pdf).

Photo: Eric Sewell

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