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Around the school in 1966 - photos by Eric Sewell

Many thanks to former Deputy Head Eric Sewell for these superb pictures of the school.

The Large Hall, Entrance and Staff Room (was the Chemistry lab in 1962). Previously there were small single-sex staff rooms - one room was converted into the Office. The view is not much changed to day but everything looks cleaner and newer here. Nice Morris Traveller!


The Further Eductation Wing on the right opened Jan 1965 and included a Small Hall (for FE meetings). It was later known as the FECR or Further Education Common Room.



New Craft and Science blocks came into use in 1963-34.


Teaching blocks that included French and Mathematics became available 1965-6 in the two-storey buildings. Included on the ground floor was provision for the Educational Special Needs class, which had its own curriculum but was socially part of the school. This was an early attempt by the LEA at integrating special needs within the main stream system. At this time the outdoor gym or sports hall (to the right of the tree) was added. This has now been demolished and the Leisure Centre occupies the site.


This is the long corridor with the gymnasium to the right. Little changed today but the hopper windows have been replaced.


Large Hall interior. The War Memorial table and chair are visible on the stage. The loudspeakers either side of the proscenium arch were connected to a large valve amplifier and turntable combination backstage, of which I can tell a few stories! The area on the right of the hall was, and still is, used for dining, the kitchen being attached.


The old quadrangle, a rather neglected area in 1966. In earlier years the girls changing room and toilet was located here. The covered walkway gave access to the library but straying off the path was only permitted to girls in years 3 to 5 as "a quiet place for girls who wish to sit and talk in fine weather away from the general crowd." Photo taken from deputy head's room next to Office.