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More 1967 pictures by Edwyn James.

David Eddershaw (History Master) with Philip James.

Regarding the location, Simon Dickinson tells us: "I think Dave Eddershaw is standing outside the Geography room. (Actually Mr Ransom’s; Mrs Ransom’s was to the left, as shown in the picture, then the gym, then the boys' changing room then the history room. It comes back when prodded!)."

The school swimming pool with Kathy Hine and Pauline Sandell (centre back). The pool was located behind what was at that time Mr Harris's classroom and would soon be redundant with the opening of the town swimming pool, now The Lido.

For those of you who only know the present-day layout of the school, the pool is now under the science block constructed in 2010-11. The remains were briefly exposed during the early stages of construction.

Alan Craven (Chemistry Master) and David Noble (Science Master), invitation mile.

The building with the sloping roofs is the art classroom built in the early sixties (if anyone can give me a precise building date I would be interested).

Note the wooden pavilion in the background and old barns where Hitchman Drive is today.

Some members of Edwyn James' form (VJ). The pupil on the left is wearing a "Prefect" badge. The shield-shaped badges were a later version of the same.

Prefects would soon be abolished by new Headmaster Arthur Nockels in favour of a new structure where all pupils were considered of equal worth.

Third from left is Martin Tyzack, next to him is Peter Ward.

Please email me if you can put names to any other faces.

Thanks to Rob Hain and David Perry for information

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