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More 1967 pictures by Edwyn James.

Trip with Bicester School to Tregoyd; Ebbw Vale steel mill, showing Paul  Canning; boys and girls at Tregoyd.

Please email if you can identify anyone on these three pictures, or provide more information.

Martin Hannant has very kindly provided some names for this photo. He says: "The idiot on one leg in the middle is me. To my immediate left is David Walman. The boy in my right in the CN School blazer is Richard Benfield. Just behind him, with his arms in the air is Chris Mollart. Next to Chris in the back row is Keith Payne.Seventh from right is Geoff Stansfield, 6th from right is John Lye. Fourth from right is Richard Sheffield. Third from right is Pau Canning. I don't recognise any of the other boys so I assume they must be from the Bicester School."

Once again Martin Hannant has been able to make some identifications:

Third from the left is Mary Knowland, Second from right is Rosalind Adams, third from right is Maureen Harrison.6th from right is Nora Henderson, Seventh from right is Irene Moss. Cannot identify anyone else so I assume they are also from the Bicester School.

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