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Thanks to Stephen Ransome who found this picture in his loft. Stephen says:

"I guess this photo can be dated by the presence (and absence) of staff. It does not seem to be a complete complement of staff. It must be about 1964/65 or in the 3 subsequent years as both my parents, who left in Summer '67 are present. Also Betty Harrop is in the front row so it is likely to be early in that time span. Arthur Nockels is in the back row which will help with a more accurate dating period.
I note also that Eric Sewell and Enid Brice ( Deputy Heads) are not in the photo, which suggests that they had already departed (or just not available on that day)"

Martin Hannant says: "we didn't move to Chipping Norton until 1966. I should imagine that the year is more like 1967."

Back Row Marice Holt (Deputy Head), Arthur Nockels (Headmaster), Geraint Jones, Mr Craven, Mr Beale, Mr Harris, Roland Ransome, John 'Sprig' Jeffries, Mr Parrish.

Centre Row David Eddershaw, Cliff Rogers, Michael Knightall, Tony Damms, Mr Noble, Keith Taylor, Mr Easterbrook, Mr James, Edmund Wright, John Benwell.

Front row: Miss J. Robinson, Miss Jenny Allen ( PE ), Miss Whittle, Betty Harrop, Joan Ransome, Alison Tookey, Joan Hannant, Mrs Parrish(?), Miss Temple / Templeton (?), Miss Marchant

Thanks to Ian Huckin, Jane Head, Martin Hannant and Pat Cooper for help with identification.

Photo courtesy of Stephen Ransome