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Cotswold Buildings Activity Group


Dunstan House 1973

Dunstan House, built as the residence of William Bliss. Visited on this occasion by the "Cotswold Buildings" activity group. Activity groups were tried in the school year 1973/4 and were unusual in that groups contained pupils from the first 3 years mixed together. Presumably the idea was not a success, as it was not continued.

The Cotswold Buildings group was run by history teacher Robert Evans. The picture shows the front door of Dunstan House, recently vacated by its last remaining tenants. The house was demolished in 1978. The present day location is in Dunstan Avenue, opposite the Baptist Church.

Pupils visible are (from left): The late Philip Viner, Joe Johnson(?), rest unknown.

Photo: John Mann, Free Film Service own brand transparency.


Dunstan House 19th cent

Purely for comparison, this photo taken about 1869 shows William Bliss II (at top of steps) outside Dunstan House. The house had no name in those days, as the home of the town's most prominent citizen, "Mr Bliss's House" would have been sufficient identification! On the horse is his duaghter, Miss Esther Elizabeth Bliss. The man holding the horse could be her future husband Henry Burrows or her brother William Bliss III.
The doorway behind William Bliss is the one visible in the top picture.

Thanks to Tom Bliss of the Bliss Family History Magazine for the information.

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