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JULY 1973.

The work of Chipping Norton School depends on its excellent teachers and it is right that this Newsletter should recognise the invaluable service of those who are leaving at the end of the present term. In his or her own way, each one has made a positive contribution of which it would be impossible to give full details in a brief Newsletter. Omissions would be inevitable. Nevertheless, a special word. must be included about the exceptional work of the three departing Senior administrative teachers. They are Mr. T.H. Horrocks (Deputy Headmaster), Miss J.M. Robinson (Senior Mistress) and Mr. N. Beale (Head of' Lower School). They have been concerned with so much of our achievement that our debt to them cannot be measured.

The School records its gratitude also to the others who leave us now after having done so much. They are:

Miss N. Bellwood (Head of the Art Department) - after twenty-six years of outstanding service to the School. The examination work of the Department has been distinguished and Miss Bellwood's displays have made the School more interesting and more attractive. Her Art Club has outlived every other society. We shall miss her.

Mr. O.S. Underwood (Head of Modern Languages and Head of Windrush House).
Miss J. Wilding (Head of Girls Physical Education).
Mr. C. Jones (Second in the Mathematics Department).
Miss A.C. Edkins (Mathematics and Teacher i/c Public Examinations).
Mr. P.W. Bigglestone (Acting Head of Upper School History).
Miss AH. Tew (Mathematics).
Mrs D.F. Marsh (Special Studies).
Mrs.B. Jack (General Subjects).
Miss D. McManus (History).
Miss V. Birch (Modern Languages)
Mrs. J. Collins (Girls Physical Education).
Mr. E.O. James (Head of the Science Department) will be seconded for the school year 1973/74.

All Staff vacancies have been filled for September 1973, and the list includes several additional appointments as well as those made to replace departing teachers.
Parents will wish to know the names of the Senior administrative and Pastoral members of the Staff:

Miss W.A. Jerred (Pastoral Deputy Head).
Mr. D.G. Greensmith (Administrative Deputy Head).
Mr. L.M. Knightall (Second Master and Head of Upper School).
Mrs. L.F. Simper (Head of Lower School).
Miss D.M. Addison (Head of Glyme House).
Mr. J.F. McCormack (Head of Windrush house).
Mr. D. Phillips (Senior Sixth Form Tutor).
Mr. N.H. Taylor (Senior Fifth Year Tutor).
Mr. P. Lister (Senior Fourth Year Tutor).
Mr. J.T.C. Mugford (Head of Resources Centre and Senior Teacher).
Mr. T.G. Jones. (Head of Evenlode House).

The School Magazine the 'Nortonian' - was published this term after an absence of several years. Copies are still available at the cost of 15 pence, from Mr. C.W. Davies.

£100 was collected by members of the Lower School through the sale of 'Sunny Smiles' for Penhurst's Fete.

The Summer Draw of the Parent Teacher Association produced a profit to the School of £191.

There has been considerable enthusiasm for athletics in the School this year and as a result a team went to the North Oxfordshire Trials. Ten members of the School were chosen to represent North Oxfordshire but unfortunately only four of these were present at the County Championships.

Those who did attend were Christine Nunan (Under 17 Shot and Discus), Josephine Lewis (Under 15 High Jump Reserve), J. Bunce (100 metres and 200 metres) and I. Davies (1500 metres). These four are to be congratulated for their commendable performances - in particular Christine Nunan, who worn the Shot Putt and who came third in the Discus.

For the first time in many years, the School fielded full teams in the Area Athletic Championships held at Banbury. Although these teams were also let down by those individuals who failed to attend, the determination and ability of those who did compete helped our teams to win the overall trophy.

In the last weeks of this term, Mr. P. Lister has taken two groups of senior pupils, studying Biology and Geography, on Field Courses to Bangor, North Wales.

Five members of the Sixth Form attended the Oxfordshire schools Sixth Form Residential Conference at Jesus College, Oxford, where they considered the concept of the Good Life through discussions led by university and schools staff. This followed talks given by Edmund Leach, provost of King's College, Cambridge, David Holbrook, poet and critic, and George Woodcock, the Trades Unionist.


Last year, the hockey shorts were replaced by wrap-around skirts. These are made by the girls, material available from Mrs. Mathieson.

In November, leotards in house colours were introduced for P.E. These are sold by the P.E. Department, and are becoming very popular. They are also to be worn for hockey with the skirts and sweaters

Plimsolls for Boys and Girls.
In September, the new Sports Hall will cone into use. Because of the special floor surface, plimsolls with non-marking soles must be worn. As a rule, it is the black soles which can damage the surface, so pupils are asked to wear plimsolls with white, green, red and blue soles. This applies to boys as well as girls. The chief alteration as far as boys is concerned is the introduction of house coloured vests for Athletics and P.E.

Protective Clothing in the Design Department.

All students choosing to follow Motor Maintenance courses arranged in conjunction with the North Oxon. Technical College must wear a boiler suit. This is a requirement of the course.

All students following Motor Maintenance courses in School should make every effort to have a boiler suit. It is the only appropriate dress.

All pupils working in the Woodwork and Metalwork rooms, in the studios and in the Home Economics rooms must have the appropriate aprons. Mr. Jefferies will keep a supply of plastic aprons for which he will charge 2p. He will insist that pupils with no protective clothing should buy one of these.

Congratulations to the nine pupils who were presented with the Bronze Award earlier this tern. There will be a few others ready for presentation in the autumn.

Thanks are due to Hrs. Newman, County Youth Officer, for her untiring work and to Mr. Miners, who has given the boys much heIp and encouragement. In September, Miss Read will take over from Miss Robinson in helping with the scheme. J.M.R.

Those parents who attended Senior Evening this term will remember the Headmaster's invitation to interested parents to participate in the life of the School. We should welcome an increase in the numbers of those loyal parents who watch school games and we mention again that parents wishing to see some particular class in action need only make a request to the Headmaster.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is developing rapidly in the School. The teacher responsible for co-ordinating the work is Miss E.D. Read. Part of the scheme requires the candidate to follow a hobby or interest. If parents have any enthusiasm which might form a useful basis for Duke of Edinburgh Award work and would be ready to test the response, will they kindly inform Miss Read or the Headmaster?

We should also very much appreciate the services of parents who would be willing to help with the supervision of teams or other travelling parties. Again, the Headmaster would be delighted to receive offers.

Since some parents may not remember the original note on the Social Fund in the former Family Handbook which is being rewritten for new entrants, a reminder is included in this Newsletter together with an announcement of a change in the procedure.
The Social Fund exists as part of the County's policy. A small sum is collected from each family to cover some of those items which improve the life of the School, but for which public money is not available. In the past year, the Social Fund has been used to run the modified ambulances purchased by the School and the Parent Teacher Association for use as minibuses. A major part of the fund has been devoted to the House and Year Groups whose pupil committees have decided how the money should be spent.

Unfortunately, the first term produced far better response than the third when many families failed to pay their contribution which was l5p per term in 1972/73, a sum which had not changed for some three years. Since it is much easier to collect the contribution once a year and since it would be necessary to increase the contribution in 1973/74 because of rising costs, we have decided to ask for one annual contribution of 50p. at the beginning of the Autumn Term in September. This will benefit both the School and the parents. The alternative would have been three termly contributions of 20p. so that each family will save l0p. over the year by paying once, whereas the School will offset the loss deriving from the poor level of payment in the third term.

The oldest member of each family should bring 50p. in the first week of the Autumn Term (12th to 19th September). Any reasonable objections or questions should be addressed to the Headmaster in writing. I hope there will be very few of these and that the activities supported by this money, which functions for the pupils' benefit, will continue.

Since there has been some misuse of the telephone call-box in the School it is now necessary for pupils (other than members of the Sixth Form) to obtain permission and sign the telephone book in the School Office before using the telephone.


Autumn Term - commences Wednesday, 12th September, 1973.

- half-term holiday from Monday 29th October to Friday, 2nd. November (inclusive).

- ends Thursday, 20th December, 1973.
* * *

Spring Term - commences Tuesday, 8th January, 1974.

- half-term holiday from Friday, l5th February to Tuesday, 19th February (inclusive).

- ends Wednesday, 10th April, 1974.

* * *

Summer Term - commences Tuesday, 30th April, 1974.

- half-term holiday from Monday 27th May to Friday 31st May

- ends Wednesday, 17th July, 1974.
* * *

Pupils whose sixteenth birthday falls on or before 31st January, 1974, nay leave school at the end of the Spring Term, 1974, i.e. on 10th April,1974.

Pupils whose sixteenth birthday falls in the time from 1st February, 1974 to 31st August, 1974, may not leave school before the end of the Sunnier Term, 1974, i.e. on 17th July, 1974.

The School will expect those members of the Fifth Year preparing for public examinations to be ready to return for the whole Summer Term, if necessary, whatever their date of birth.

The question of the post-examination period will be discussed and an announcement made early in the 1973/74 School Year.

Finally, the Headmaster would like to thank sincerely all members of the Staff, parents, governors, students and other friends who have helped the School in any way during the last School Year. The School joins him in wishing a happy future to all those who are leaving us.

A. Nockels, Headmaster
July, 1973.

I have received Chipping Norton School's Newsletter No. 14

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