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Chipping Norton School - Kilvrough 1974

Kilvrough 1974, the 3rd year trip. Far left Mandy Hicks. Front L Alice King. Behind boy with plastic jug Jenine Howling? Behind plastic jug Jenny Warmington

Photo: William Norris.

Patterdale School Trip 30th Nov - 13th Dec

All left to right
Back Row:
Mark Croft, Stephen Jones, Nigel Smith, Martin Carter, Graham Woodarde, David Wallington, Steve Kite, Mathew Wilson, Alan Everitt.
Row 3:
John Curran, Mark Searle, Gary Turner, Craig Wilcock, Ricky Green, Paul Holister, Bill Thornton, Colin Taylor.
Row 2:
Brian Birchmore, Ian Thompson, Colin Curtis, Neil Spears, George Page, Clive Thrussel, Peter Wackrill, Julian Sleath, Graeme Harris.
Row 4:
Ian Saxton, Mr Clive Wrench, Mr Jack Wheatcroft, Mr Peter Ray, Miss Jane Curley, Mr Arthur Cox, Mr George Ellis, Alan Wright.
Front Row:
Tim O'Neil, Jon Carbaray, Neil Geive, Clive Oliver, Martin Everitt, Adrian Bailey, Martin Fife.

Chipping Norton School boys in blue

Picture courtesy of Bill Thornton

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