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Pupils Notes 1974

This document would presumably have been given to new pupils. It is probably a re-type of a previous document - note the reference (section 5) to the staff room being next to rooms 9 & 10. In fact the new staff room was open by this time. It is unlikely that the various "girls only" areas would be permitted under today's equal rights legislation!

Bold type below is underlined in the original.


September 1974.

1. Movement:
a) Never run ! Always walk ! This applies on paths and drives as well as on corridors within the School.
b) Always keep to the right.
c) Move into single file when this is necessary to allow others to pass.
d) when standing in a corridor or on a landing in a queue or in a group keep to the side to avoid blocking the way of others.


2. Entering and Leaving:

The coach parking area and the main gate are very dangerous before morning school and at the end of the school day. You may enter the School grounds ONLY through the rear entrance in Glyme Lane.

At the end of the school day

1. Leave the building through the rear door into the playground.

2. Go down Glyme Lane to the coach park and wait at the end of Glyme Lane until your coach arrives.

3. If you do not go home by coach you must keep to the wall at the edge of the allotments in order to reach Burford Road.


4. When boarding coaches form an orderly queue with no pushing and with special care for children smaller than yourself.

5. The allotments between Glyme Lane and the Burford Road are out of bounds at all times. You must not cross them on your way to School or on your way home.

EXCEPTIONS: Those travelling on coaches which arrive at School BEFORE 8.30 a.m. may enter by the main gate and the main door. After 8.30 a.m. ALL pupils without exception follow the above rule.

There are NO exceptions at the end of the day.


If you have passed the cycling proficiency test you may cycle to School.


You dismount at the junction of Burford Road and the ENTRANCE to the coach area and wheel your bicycle to the sheds near the caretaker's house. Make sure that your bicycle is locked in some way. Then walk across the front of the School and along the path which runs between the Staff Room and. rooms 9-10 on your left and the Small Hall (room 5) on your right. Enter by the double door to the main corridor.


Walk to the cycle sheds by the same route, wheel your bicycle to the point where the EXIT from the coach area joins the Burford Road. If you have to cross the main road wheel your bicycle across. Use your safety drill and mount your bicycle when it is safe to do so.

CYCLISTS NOTE SPECIALLLY: The entrance to the coach area is the opening nearer to Chipping Norton. The exit is the opening further from Chipping Norton near the allotments.

When riding to School observe the Highway Code; do not cycle two or more abreast and do not wheel your bicycle on pavements in the town to be with friends who are walking. Permission to cycle to School depends on your obeying these instructions. If you do not follow then this permission will be withdrawn.


BEFORE SCHOOL: Remain in the long corridor cloakrooms until the first bell rings at 8.45 a.m. Then go immediately to registration.

AT MORNING BREAK: Outside School use the areas reserved for your group in the lunch interval. Inside School Years 1:2:3 use the long corridor. Years 4-7 use the Social Areas. Do NOT gather in the main Entrance Hall.

Go to Period 3 when the first bell rings at 11.30. You should be in place ready to start at 11.35. Even if you have to see a teacher you do not wait after the 11.30 bell. From that time your place is with the teacher who is to take you in Period 3.

AT LUNCH TIME: No food is to be eaten except in the dining areas. You must eat school dinner or sandwiches in School unless you go home for dinner, 'Home' means 'HOME'.

After you have finished your meal you may not leave the school premises except with a pass signed by your Group Tutor (for Upper School pupils) or your Head of House (for Lower School pupils). You must go to the Social Area for your House (Lower School) or Year (Upper School), or to the part of the grounds reserved for you immediately after finishing your meal. These areas are as follows

Evenlode House Rooms 18 : 19
Glyme House Rooms 9 : 10
Windrush House Rooms 2: 3
Year 4 Room 5 (Small Hall)
Year 5 Room 41 (Dining/social Area)
Sixth Form Sixth Form Centre

All other parts of the School are out of bounds. If you are taking part in lunchtime activity organised by a member of the Staff this teacher will give you a pass to go to the room in question.

OUTDOORS - The School Field between the buildings and the sunken hockey pitch is open to all. Only girls may use the sunken hockey pitch and this applies also to the sloping banks at the edge of the sunken hockey pitch. No-one may use the field beyond the line shown on the plan, except when properly changed for SUPERVISED games or athletics. OUT-OF-BOUNDS are :

1. The tennis courts.
2. The actual playing pitches, except sunken hockey pitch (for girls only). This will often be needed for practices in the Autumn and Easter Terms.
3. The playground, except to girls in Years 1:2:3.
4. All the grounds on the other side of the School along the drive from the main entrance to the Sixth Form Centre.
5. The sunken hockey pitch and its surrounding banks are out-of-bounds to all boys.



1. Girls in years 3:4:5 may use the two garden quadrangles beside the Resources Centre and Library. These areas are not suitable for running games. The aim is to provide a quiet place for girls who wish to sit and talk in fine weather away from the general crowd.
2. Girls in Years 1:2:3 may use the hard playground.
3. Sixth Form have the use of the garden and lawns surrounding the Sixth Form Centre.

You should decide where you are going to spend the lunch break as soon as you have finished your meal and you should remain there. Do NOT walk up and down paths and. corridors.

When the bell rings at 1.35 go immediately to registration. You should be in your place ready to start Period 4 at 1.45.

Except as above - all rooms are out of bounds in the lunch break. You must never enter the Gymnasium or the Sports Hall unless you are wearing the proper plimsolls or have removed your shoes.

Plan of school showing social areas


The buildings and equipment are provided for the benefit of everyone. They should never be damaged wilfully or deliberately. Anyone guilty of wilful damage is harming himself and his fellows.

If you damage any part of the buildings, furniture or equipment you must report this immediately to the School Office. Write a note saying where, when and how the damage occurred. Give the names of any persons who saw what happened. If in doubt you should ask advice from any member of the Staff.

You are responsible for any books or equipment lent to you by the School. Look after it. If you lose it - you will probably have to pay for it.



If the teacher who should be taking your class fails to arrive five minutes after the starting time for the lesson, ONE member of the group should enquire at the School Office. If this is a lesson for which you are allowed to enter the classroom, you should sit quietly at your desk and prepare for the lesson. You will often be able to do some reading. If the lesson is one where you are expected to await the arrival of the teacher outside the room, stand-in single file quietly near the wall so that others are not obstracted or disturbed.

6. Chewing gum is totally forbidden in School. Morning break and the lunch interval are the only times for eating in School. When the bell rings at 11.30 and 1.35 all eating of sweets must stop.

NOTE : You will be given a copy of the above notes and. will be expected to know what they say.

A. Nockels
6th September 1974.