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The programme for the 1975 school play, The Diary of Anne Frank. Thanks to Bill Thornton who came across it during a clearout. Ian Saxton, who played Peter van Daan, recalls:

"I transferred from Spendlove school to Chipping Norton in September 1974 and this was the first play I was in at Chippy. The scene where I kissed Anne (Judit) was the first time I ever got a standing ovation on stage!

Judit was a fairly well-developed girl and had to have her chest flattened with bandages to appear younger. It was very uncomfortable for her and on one of the nights, after the performance, she took the bandages off immediately and was 'enjoying' the lack of restriction, when Mr Nockels walked in to congratulate the cast!

Many years later I visited the Anne Frank Haus in Amsterdam and was surprised how much of the detail I remembered from the play. Seeing it in real life emphasised that however good it is as a play, it was a terrible tragedy in real life."

The newspaper cutting was kindly provided by Simon Addison.


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