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Mathematical Times 1975

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Produced by 3rd year maths set 1 at Christmas 1975 (I believe the teacher was Mrs Donelly?), this was apparantly a revival of an earlier production.

Amazing!: John Mann
Life Games: Steve Heath
A Dotty Problem: John Mann

If you can recognise your own work, or I've got any of the above wrong, please email.

I've uploaded it as a PDF with the aim of making it easier to view or print if desired. This is an experiment, any views for or against the PDF format please let me know. The PDF is of course not really a true PDF but just a series of images in PDF format. Apologies for some slight cut off on the edges.

I would be very interested if anyone can scan, loan or donate any of the earlier issues. Also, were any future issues produced, including the one with the answers to this one?