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The Dragon

Original programme for "The Dragon".

The Dragon was the School Play for 1976 (I think this was the year - if you know better please email). Written by the banned Soviet playwright Eugene Schwarz, it does not seem to be well known today (at least I could not find any references on the Internet). Copies of the script are hard to come by as well. Does anyone know the reasons for the selection of this play (perhaps Elizabeth Taylor chose it?).

I was lighting operator for the play, this being the first production I was involved in. We really went to town during the battle scene with flashing colours and much use of the strobe. I do remember, though, that we were completely defeated by the following stage instruction "As he says these last words he makes a slight movement with one hand. There is a dry clicking sound. From his index finger a stream of flame comes out. It lights the pipe which LANCELOT has been filling."

Particularly memorable to me were Helena Murphy as Elsa and Ian Saxton as Charlemagne. That's when I remembered to look out of the lighting box window. John Wooldridge (JDW) used to invite attractive sixth form girls up to the lighting box to assist. I recall becoming distracted and losing track of my place in the script on several occasions!

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