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School 50th anniversary 1978

Chipping Norton School celebrated 50 years of existance in 1978. Shaun Skeats took these photos of some of the special events using a Brownie camera on 127 film.



Welly Wanging outside the Old Small Hall.
Mrs Carr, Richard Brooks, Stephen Webb, Bob Harris, Stuart Thornton, Greg Stragnell.

Photo: Shaun Skeats
Kodak Verichrome Pan 127


Knobbly knees contest outside the Large Hall.
From left: Mark Linnington, Petula Seidel, Martin Hall, Francis King, ?

Photo: Shaun Skeats
Kodak Verichrome Pan 127

This is the programme of events for the anniversary week. I wonder what became of the special Visitors Book? We are still actively looking for the special issue of the "Nortonian", a large publication on A3 or larger paper. Please get in touch if you have a copy and would be willing to have it scanned!

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