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6th form sponsored walk 2nd July 1978 Carol Merriman, Helena Murphy, Vivien Khouri, Madeline Muller and Debbie Howett.

Photo: William Norris.

This picture supplied by Julian Backhouse features the 3rd year rugby team. Julian has identified the members as follows:

Front row (from left) - Peter Williamson, Barry Stowe, Julian Backhouse, Nick "Nobber" Mansfield, Adrian "Mushy" Webster, Bernie Thorne, Richard "Jimbob" Center.
2nd Row - standing on the ground (from left) Stuart Timmis (even though it looks like he's in the back row - he was just much, much bigger than the rest of us), Anthony Williams, Philip Eddershaw, Will Page, Adrian "Bimbo" Branch, Chris Clifton, Jeremy White, Ian Roddan.
Back Row from left (stood on the bench) Kevin Taylor, Steven "Ishvan" Carreras, Adrian Ewart, Earle Donaghy, Bryn Molineaux, Jonathon "Jonah" Newman, Mark Vipond. I think all names are right but stand to be corrected if not!


Paul Stevens sent in this picture. Paul tells us:

"I found this picture a few weeks ago, and I think it's 1977 / 78 ish, and seem to remember it was taken before we played a French School team, Magny En Vexin? We played them every two years as I recall.

Players as far as I can remember...

Back row, L - R John Bunce, (student teacher?) Gareth Lewis (PE teacher), Stephen Lowery, Tim Harmon, Ali Dunbar, Me (Blub), Rich James, Nicky Clare.
Front row, L - R Glen Howie (mate of Gareth Lewis), Gerry Petherwick? (Student teacher), Gary Stone, Kev Nunan, John Forde, Andrew (Benny) Centre, Keith (Haggis) Roddan, John Porrill."


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