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A 6JDW get-together at John Wooldridge's house in March 79. Visible in this picture L-R: Myself John Mann, Stephen Preston, and Rose Parsons

Photo: J.Wooldridge, Agfacolor

Putting sugar in the coffee seems to be of absorbing interest. L-R: Diana Morris (just visible); Rose Parsons; Gillian Tyndall; Mark Woodward; David Freeman; ?; John Mann and Stephen Preston(?).

Photo: J.Wooldridge, Agfacolor

This is the 6JDW end of term party in Room 28. Steven Heath and Joanne Harris passing polo mints on cocktail sticks.

Photo: J.Mann courtesy of J.Wooldridge, Agfacolor

The infamous "which way up?" picture. Myself John Mann and Diana Morris, passing an orange under the chin (honest!). Jennie Nicks looks on.

Photo: Steven Heath courtesy of J. Wooldridge, Agfacolor.

Heather Baker and Sarah Boss.

Photo: J.Wooldridge, Agfacolor

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