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Kimberley White has sent us this superb picture of a wintry scene on the sunken hockey pitch. Kimberley was a 2nd or 3rd year and in her own words: " I'm the one with the silly looking red and white Doctor Who scarf on which as you can probably tell I made myself!"

Wendy Dant (Gibson) tells us : "This picture was taken around 1979/80. The very front person is Catherine Mcgeough, Anna Lisa Caldon is sliding on her own to the right. I believe it is Julia White on the bank in the tracksuit, and I recognise Jo Smith about 3rd in the train. Also on the bank is Caroline Mansfield with the black tack suit bottoms. Julie Dutton is the one on the bank with her back to the group.
I can also see Barbara Thompson and Sarah Morris behind Jo Smith.
I am not sure where I was maybe somewhere in the pile up, but I do remember being there!

Pleas Email us if you recognise anyone else.