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1980 Physics trip.

The participants in the 1980 physics trip. Left to right: Carey Guy, Alan Stratford, Jane Foxall, Julie Watts, John Wooldridge, Stephen Woods, Guy Hurrell, Rupert Cambray, Peter Scrase, Simon Powell. Picture taken (we think) 18th June 1980.

Photo: Shaun Skeats.


The physics trip participants again, in Slimbridge Youth Hostel.

Photo:Shaun Skeats


Another picture in the "sixth form bay".

On the left Martin Watkins is working hard at his private study. I think its maths judging by the little pink book of past exam questions. That's myself John Mann in the right foreground. I've got my camera case in front of me so this was probably a day when I was taking some of the black and white pictures (soon to be) on these pages. Steven Heath is in the background.

This picture has received considerable computer enhancement to remove the huge flash glare off the rear wall.

Photo: David Heath.

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