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Pictures from the production of My Fair Lady taken by Wendy Dant (Gibson)

This one was Ascot!

Karine Stevenson, right at back with cap on, Sarah Morris seated. In the foreground to the right is Richard Smith, Richard Sale is in the flat cap standing behind Ros Taylor.

The Maids
back row ??
middle, Caroline Mansfield, Wendy Gibson, Heather Keefe and Rachael Hawtin
Front: Sarah Morris
Behind the scenes in The Small Hall;

Antonia Cox, Janette Clements Fiona ?? and Karine Stevenson

Dressed for Ascot, Rachael Hawtin and Caroline Mansfield

Richard Smith in background, Heather Keefe, ?, Rachael Hawtina and Martin Anson(?)

Music room behind the stage

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