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Miss Brennan's tutor group 3GB

Shirley Williams (who was away when this picture was taken) sent us this picture of 3GB in 1981.

Back row: Andrew Lovegrove, Angus Cambrey,Wayne Peachey, Philip Stuart, Tim Cook, Tim Harrington, Ian Cairnes, Mark Gooding
Middle row: Sally Goodway, Lynn Rose, Nicola Belleni, Miss Brennan, Anne Reed, Christina Clifton, Paula Place, Gennave Hopkins
Front row: Rosalyn Smith, Yvonne Hovard, Alison Bolam, Sara Marlow, Amanda Hawtin, Eric Kemp, Martin Cooper-Harris, Stuart Barns.

Alan Kyle

Alan Kyle in the Physics prep room. He appears to be demonstrating his collection of Rock and Roll records. Anyone know what he is doing now?

Photo: Shaun Skeats.

Physics Teacher John Wooldridge at Christmas 1981.

No title on this picture but despite being printed at a different size on different paper the jumper is the same and we may deduce from the card and present on the table that it is Christmas. Therefore I imagine it was taken at the same time as the previous shot!

JDW with an amplifier made out of an old Dansette record player.

The words on the blackboard read: 
Started with ACID
then added alkali
solution became ALKALINE
then added acid
solution became ACIDIC

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