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Dan Harman Memorial Presentation - School Assembly

Dan Harman was a pupil at Chipping Norton School from 1973 to 1978. He lived in Churchill, where his mother was a teacher at the Primary School. Very tragically, in 1981, Dan was killed in a car crash. Following this, his old school friends and members of the Rugby Club made a presentation in his memory and played a commerative Rugby match. The pictures on these pages have been kindly provided by Joe Johnson.

The scene in the Large Hall.


Some of Dan's old schoolfriends: 3rd from left Jonathan Keen, 4th Joe Johnson



On the stage, from left: Mr Harman, Tim Harman (Dan's brother), Mrs Isobel Harman, Headmaster Mr Howells and Dan's old form teacher Mike Hill.



Mrs Harman is presented with a bouquet.



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