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Emma Forse (nee Sparks) has kindly provided some identifications:
Back row L-R:?; Philip Hodson; ?; ?; ?; Alex Percival; Simon Catling (I think?); ?; Tracey Coles; Careers teacher Pete Taylor; Phillipa Nightingale; ?; ?; Joanne Davies; Miss Smith PE teacher.
Second row from back: ninth from left (first female wearing jumper with squares on) Louise Hunt; ?; Craig Gooding; Christopher Jeacock; Yvonne Legg.
Third row from back: ?; Matthew Barrett; ?; Darren Shayler; Simon(Sid)
Harris; Nathanial Malcolm; Simon Edwards; ?; ?; Kerry Nankiville; ?; ?; Julie Jackson.
Front row last on right: Ridelle Olsen (not sure I've spelt that correctly !)


Photo courtesy of J. Wooldridge

One unchanging ritual in the science department was the manufacture of industrial strength bath salts for sale at the open day. Seen here is Elizabeth Davis (sitting on the chair), Julie Steel to her right and Suzette Jordan behind chemistry teacher Mr Byl.

Photo: John Wooldridge.