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Energy Study UK presentation at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London

Thanks to Roger Pratley for providing the names.

Left to Right...
James Powell, Barry Jordan, Michael Lovegrove, Paul Bennett, Alison Moore, Sheena Goodway, Matthew Fletcher, Anna Widdowson, Simon Garrod, Gregory Colyer and John Wooldridge

Photo courtesy of John Wooldridge.

Back Row - Left to Right...
John Wooldridge, Jason Shepherd, Paul Bennett, Michael Lovegrove, Stewart Gillett, Matthew Fletcher, Simon Garrod, Jonathan Waterer, Roger Pratley, James Powell, Barry Jordan, Gregory Colyer, Nigel Fawdry, Paul Warrington and Dominic Firmstone

Front Row - Left to Right Sloane Ashburn, Alison Moore, Sheena Goodway, Anna Widdowson, Jayne Dunbar, Nichola Stroud, Leanne Kite, Helen Greenfield (?)

Photo courtesy of John Wooldridge.