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School staff in 1985. Can anyone put a name to them? Please note not all staff were included in this picture.

Photo courtesy of John Wooldridge.

Identifications (starting at the back)

Back Row: Bernie Whitehorne, ?, Pete Taylor, Don Anderson, Jane Graham, Gerry Mason (drama)
Geraint Jones (PE), Liz Scar, Frank Howlett (French), John Moore (Biology or Geography??), ?, Mr MacCaul (Special Needs)
Andrea Hale (Saody), ?, John Wooldridge (Physics), ?, Liz Read, Ian Grierson (Geography), ?, Laura Simper
?, Jenny Sparrowhawk, Ro Jackson (RE) , Mrs Wilkinson, Dave Smith (Special Needs), Greg Stragnell, ?, ?, Maretta Cambray
?, ?, Jan Hand, ?, Jo Phillips, Sue Bischler, Gareth Lewis (PE), Pat Mannakee, ?, Tamsin Gowney, Muriel Graham (technician)
Gill Parry (English), Liz Moss, Dawn Addison (Home Economics), Margaret Jagger, Mike Knightall (Deputy Head), John Howells (Headmaster), Wendy Jerred (Senior Mistress), Graham Nottingham, Hilary Aldridge (Maths), Helena Tagavi (Science), Yvette Harrison (French).

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