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4GA and 4WS

Form 4GA in 1985. Many thanks to Julie Jackson for providing the names.

Front row: Kerry Nankiville, Debbie Timms, Susan Invine, Joanne Davis, Mr Anderson, Helen Colmer, Yvonne Legg, Rachel Bigland, Lisa Thornton.
2nd Row: Julie Jackson, Helen Tustian, Lucy Tustian, Gail Sylvester, Nicola Swaine, Lorraine Rossiter , Rachel Jefferies
3rd  Row: Peter Harrison, Mattew Truman, Craig Gooding, Malcolm ?, Roy Powers, Wayne Andrews
Back row: Andrew Player, Jeremy ?, Derrick Cooper, Thomas Haselgrove

Picture supplied by Mathew Nankivell.

FRONT ROW: Emma Sparks, Jesica Buckman, Peta Winterbourne, Tracy Coles, Carol Page, Michelle Copeland, Caroline Biddle, Rachel Shepherd, Nicola Braye.

SECOND ROW: Craig Vincent, Kevin Langton, Rebecca Wise, Anne-Marie Brain, Louise Tostian, Phillipa Nightingale, Tracey-Ann Morgan, Timothy Birks, Jason Smith.

THIRD ROW: Richard Lane, Shane Barnard, Charles Preston, John Benfield, Stephen Wilkinson, Stephan Hepton, Clive Simms, Sasthene Parker.

BACK ROW: Henry Stains, Ian Gaydon, Paul Spry, Liam Didcock.

I presume the woman in the middle of the front row, identified as Carol Page, is the teacher although her name does not begin with "S". Puzzlingly, the teacher is actually identified asT.G. Jones.

Thanks to Craig Vinson for the picture.