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Updated September 21, 2012

I'm very pleased to have this photo of the Hailey School (now St Mary's Primary) in 1956. The picture has been provided by Paul Burbidge, who has identified a large proportion of the people on it. At this time the Hailey School shared the same headmaster and many of the staff with the Grammar School, leading to full merger a few years later. So far this is the first picture of the Hailey School I have seen, I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has more.

Listed below the picture are those people identified so far. If you can identify any more, then please use the form below to submit the information. If I've got anything wrong then please e-mail me to tell me about it.

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1956Identification list

Row 1, is the back row, row 5 the front row. Numbering is from left to right. A "?" indicates a tentative identification.


Row 1

Row 2 Row 3
Row 4

Row 5

1   Jean Rodgers Cynthia Belcher    
2 Pat Gibbard Miriam Thornton daphne Hiscock   Eddie Simms
3   Dawn Chesterman Margaret Dowdeswell Mary Lovegrove  
4   Janet Nixon Joyce Murrell    
5 Gwen Dunbar Rosaline Wakefield Christine Mann? Sonya(?) Simmonds Roger Cross
6 Pauline Stowe Barbara Keen Gillian Holtham Gina Thornton  
7   ? Clarke Vera Rainbow ? Benfield Ronnie coleman
8     Pat Esson Freda Watkins David Lodge
9 Jenny Stickley Sarah Ashmore Rose Allen Marie Harding Harold Bradford
10       Sue bench ? Barnes (?)
11 Maureen Sollis   Margaret ? Rita Swan  
12 Valerie Simms ? Esson Angela Terry Janice Dix  
13 Hazel Allen   Jean Hawtin Peggy Guy  
14 Jenny Legg   Gina Taite/Tate Audrey Hawthorn  
15 Hazel Proud Lynn Rose Greathead    
16 Lesley Slade     Diane Stowe END
17   Kay Preece Katherine Clacey Betty Esson  
18     Jill Simms Beryl Watts  
19     ? Allen Ms. Johns  
20   Jennifer Pierce (?) Rose Simms Miss Prescott  
21 Sonya Hitchcock       Mrs Arnold
22 Jenny Turner Jill Clifton   Mrs Partridge  
23     Pat Withers Mrs Ransome  
24     Brenda Mitchell Mrs Parkinson  
25 Janice Fields Ann Morris Pam Goodway Mr Martin (Headmaster)  
26       Mr Bernard Woodward ( Deputy Headmaster)
27 Mary Carter Rita Day Margaret Burns Mr Johnson?  
28 Josephine ? Beverly Epton Josephine Cambray ? Bill Richards  
29   Christine Jeffries Sid Timms Cliff Rogers  
30   Gladys Price Donald Newman Joe Roughton  
31   Christine Hovard   John Newman  
32 Vivien Campbell Ann Coleman Fred Huckin Ken Perkins  
33 Daphne Williams   Dougie Wakefield John Evans  
34 Susan Kitchen Marion Jackson ? Benfield David Hovard  
35 Jean Turner Susie Lovegrove Keith Hitchcock ? Watts  
36 Marion ? Margaret Cox Dennis Stickley Rodney Collier  
37     Robert Knight Keith Bartlett  
38 John Granville   Colin Burden David Roughton  
39     Bill Legg(e) Bob Nurden  
40   Peter Stokes Les Wallington ? Bayliss  
41 Keith Allen   Terry Caswell Brian Coleman  
42   John ?   Michael Hall  
43   Harold Bradford Tony Bond Chris Simms  
44 Arthur Beasley Les Hawtin Hector ?    
45 Lewis Newman Gordon Finlay Phil Knotman David Powell  
46   Joe Dowthwaite   Darrell Lord  
47 Michael ?   Alan Burns    
48 Terry Stow(e) Colin Thresher John Edgington END  
49 Michael Gibbard Derek Cox Philip Coles    
50 Michael Clapton Anthony Allen END    
51 Michael Brain        
53 John Esson Michael Wycott      
54   Dave Howling      
55 ? Bayliss        
56   "Dongo" Hicks      
57   Barry Lodge      
60   Frank Kingsley      
61   ? Evans      
62 Dunbar or McCormack END      

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