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This issue of The Nortonian was edited by Margaret Shayler, house captain of St. Andrews. Headmaster Mr Martin is welcomed, despite having joined the school in 1952 - an example of the long lead time for publication of the magazine. The following article "1955" is written by the Headmaster, who looks forward to the purchase of a Grundig tape recorder and a high-fidelity record player. Was this the same apparatus to be found in the wings of the stage 25 years later? School notes is a comprehensive list of school activities during 1954. It is clear that the main event of this year was the new library constructed in the former domestic science classroom by the girls' entrance.

Chess matches against other schools, and by correspondance, have an importance seemingly as great as the more traditional sporting fixtures.

"She Stoops to Conquer" was performed by pupils in December 1954. The same play had been performed earlier that year at Kingham Hill School but this was probably no more than coincidence and at Chipping Norton School only Kingham Hill resident Jennifer Meerendonk may have been aware of it.

Sports and athletics take up a major part of the magazine, I hope this is still of some interest to readers after so many years!

Mr and Mrs Watts, and Mr and Mrs Ransome organised a trip to Lledr Hall (now Salford City Council's outdoor education centre) in North Wales. This trip is reported in detail and makes for interesting reading.

We are now into the section of pupils' work, poetry and prose, and "correspondance" where the task has been set of writing to a friend giving advice on a new hobby.

The Old Nortonians are very active. In the 21st century, when many pupils go away to university and never return to Chipping Norton, it is surprising to read just how busy this society was with dances and dramatic productions.

The magazine ends with a few advertisments to offset the costs. Did any Chippy pupil become an Undermanager for the National Coal Board I wonder? And just how much effort went into dreaming up the slogan for E.R.Price the Charlbury baker!



The page numbers given are those in the PDF, not the original.

Editorial 2
Bene Fecistis 3
Acknowledgements 3
1955 4
School Notes 1954 4
The Library 7
House Notes 1953-54 7
Speech Day 1954 10
Chess Club Notes 11
"She Stoops To Conquer" 12
House Plays, Easter, 1954 13
School Games (Boys) 14
School Games (Girls) 15
The School Athletic Sports 16
Inter-School Athletics 17
Gymnastics Display 18
Visit to North Wales, 1954 19
"Birds" 21
"Journey into Space" 21
"Christmas Time" 21
"The Sack of Toys" 22
"Coral Island" 22
"I am Tied to the Stake and I Must Stand the Course" 22
"A Shipwreck" 23
"Preparing a School Play" 23
Correspondance 24
Old Nortonian 26
Personal Notes 28