The Ex-Chippy School Pages


• Registering lets you view other people's email addresses. It's not needed for anything else.
• You don't need to register to add your details.
• You don't need to be registered, or use the password, to remove yourself from the directory or change your details.
• The use of a password means only genuine Chippy pupils and not spammers can see your email address

The Ex-Chippy website exists to put former pupils in contact. Sadly, we have had to remove email addresses from open access as Spammer's automated programs were "harvesting" the addresses on display. To view email addresses you now need to register by filling in the form below. The form is intended to weed out Spammers. It is not intended to be a block to genuine people. Registering here will give you access to the full site; it will NOT add you to the directory of pupils (you will find the form for that here).

We recognise that there may be some people looking at the site who never attended the school and won't be able to answer the questions. For example, those searching for a friend from University days or researching their family history. If you are trying to contact a particular person and can't answer the questions below please email and I will be happy to forward messages on your behalf.

After filling in and submitting the form below, you will be emailed a user name and password to access the protected area of the site. As with most things on the site this process is manual so please be prepared to wait a day or so (more if I am away from home) for me to email the password to you.