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School Plan 1957




The plan above has been drawn for us entirely from memory by Steve Barnett. Steve is happy to be corrected on any errors or omissions in the plan.

This plan shows the original 1928 school just before it began to expand, a process that continues to the present day and has left the original school hidden in the middle of new buildings. There are many interesting points to note on this plan:

• Separate entrances for boys and girls and even separate staff rooms for men and women.

• One classroom per subject.

• Changing rooms, toilets and cloakrooms within the central quadrangle. These were later demolished and the area returned to grass.

• Library next to girls entrance. Originally it was in the room shown here as "sixth form room", later, following the building of the new Large Hall it moved to what is here the Main Hall. Steve Barnett recalls: "A magnificent library it was!  Large oak tables and bookcases.  The book collection was quite extensive."

Steve also recalls: "The English room and the 'another building' were perhaps wartime additions to the original building.  They were single story single brick construction similar to the sort of thing seen on military bases at that time.  The "other building" may have housed the Domestic science room." Possibly the physics room was also of this type. It would seem these brick buildings were demolished in the early 60s to make way for the new build.

During the period 1957-1964 the Large Hall was built at the front of the school. Behind it was built a kitchen and two single-storey classrooms to provide domestic science and biology teaching.  Steve Barnett recalls that this was the full extent of modifications made by the time he left in 1964. The new buildings effectively blocked access to the 1928 main entrance and a new main entrance was built where "boys entrance" is shown on the plan above. Since then the old entrance doors have remained shut.

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