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School Plan 1968



I've now changed the date of this plan from 1970 to 1968. Hopefully, with your help, we can date it precisely. It is clearly after the building of the science and art classrooms which happened in 1963-64 and before the extension to the science block in 1971. The science rooms (P, S, C, LR) would therefore have only existed in this form for a few years before the extension. Was the extension planned all along, or not? If the plan is accurate, the extension would have involved creating a new corridor reducing the size of room P (later room 28). Note the room numbering system which is generally fairly obvious. I've provided a key below with a few queries. Note rooms 1-7 (where is room 2?), presumably not allocated to any particular subject. From my recollection, there should be a classroom to the north of room 5 in the Maths area, this is not identified on the plan. The staff room is located in what became from 1974 the school office. The FECR appears to be a smaller part of what was later a larger room and kitchen. Comments welcomed.

Ian Huckin tells us: "This is definitely pre 1969". He further comments that A2 was Mr Lindsell and incorporated part of the very wide corridor. Room 4 (and possibly room 3 too) was for special needs/remedial students. N was typing pool. Rooms 7 and/or 6 were RE. LR was Chemistry, but had a raised area like a lecture room. CR could be Changing Room? G2 was history I think? Mr Eddershaw.

In the 21st century the Lecture Room was converted to an ordinary classroom. The woodwork for the raised area was removed and, being found to be very good quality, it was agreed that DIY-minded teachers could take it for their own use. It quickly disappeared but as new materials were brought on site for the reconstruction these continued to disappear as well!

I have retained the identity of N as Needlework below as this room did later become Mrs Mathieson's needlework room, typing then being in SL. Ian's suggestion of CR as changing room makes sense, this was the former school kitchen now redundant with the opening of the Large Hall and convenient for the gym.

Kevin Greathead remembers G3 as a Geography "tracing room", glass top tables with lights underneath etc. Later, the schools first colour TV's were stored there.  Kevin remembers watching the 1974 World Cup there with John Ducker, John Hogban and Chris Reynolds - just to test the equipment of course. Mr Miners (Keith and affecionately known as 'Killer') use to allocate the TVs out and Kevin and friends, the Geography A Level class, used to push them around the school arriving just in time (hopefully) for what ever programme they had been booked for.  Not a very effective system, so soon stopped.

Stephen Ransome recalls that G1 was used by his father, Roland Ransome, who taught geography. His mother, Joan Ransome, who also taught geography, used G2. Room 6 was used for French and possibly History. RE was taught there occasionally.

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A - Art
B - Biology (these two rooms seem to have been used specifically for Rural Studies or Rural Biology)
C - Chemistry
CA - ? (used as a store room for SL)
CR - changing room
DHM - Deputy Headmaster
E - Engineering (?)
E1, E2 - English
FECR - Further Education Common Room
G - Gym
G1, G2 - Geography

HA - Hatch area(?)
HE - Home Economics
HM - Headmaster
L - Library
LA - Library Assistant
LR - Lecture Room
M - Maths
MR - Music Room
N - Needlework
OG - Outdoor Gym
P - Physics
PB - ?
S - General Science
SB - Study Bay
SH - Small Hall / 6th form Common Room
SM - Senior Mistress
SL - Sixth Form Library (Ian Huckin recalls this as an English room used by Miss Knight)
TD - Technical Drawing
W - Woodwork