Former Chipping Norton School pupils

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1928 to 1929

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John Smith 1928-1934 Login or Register to view email address. I started school in September 1928, when it was first opened, under the head-ship of B.C.Orme MA, and left school in July 1934, when A.W.Steward MA was headmaster. I look back on my six years at school with great thanks for the finest education thatI could have wished for.
Mr. Orme was a fine headmaster who concentrated on establishing a sound traditional foundation for the school. He was an accomplished violinist and founded the school orchestra. He was also a keen cricketer and built up the school team to a high level of success, proved in the matches we played against local area schools. The school started with 77 boys and girls and 5 teachers, including the headmaster. At an early stage in school's development, the Old Nortonians Dramatic Club was formed, which presented plays in the year and pantomimes at Christmas. I played in both the orchestra and the Nortonians Club with great relish. Though the Foreign Languages Association, I was able to arrange an exchange, via the School, with a Fr nch family of three children. I am still in touch with one surviving member, communicate in French with her and her husband and keep my French speaking well polished by frequent visits. My closest school friends were Basil and Alwin Craft,Ralph Woodward, - Lewis (top school athlete),- Edgington, all with whom ,I have lost touch. Most of us cycled to school, some from villages miles away (Kingham, Chadlington, Churchill, Rollrights etc. ) no buses in those days !
Chris Collier 1929-1932 Login or Register to view email address. Attended school on The Green. Teacher was Mr Brassington.