Former Chipping Norton School pupils

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1930 to 1939

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Jack Keen 1933-1936 Login or Register to view email address. Lived at Finsbury Place/New Street (now demolished). Would particularly like to make contact with old friends - Arthur Pratt, who lived in Over Norton Road, and Horace Weston. I now live in Waterlooville, Hampshire and am now 80 years of age. We were all in the RAF in the Second World War.
John Thompson c. 1933 Login or Register to view email address. I was at Chipping Norton School in the early 1930s when Mr Orme was Head Master. I remember discipline being very strict then.
After leaving school I did electrical work in the area around Oxford, including a spell at Bliss Tweed Mill. During the war, I was in the RAF, stationed in Canada, close to where I was born. Les Sewel, another ex-Chipping Norton pupil was with me there for a time. I returned to Chadlington after finishing military service and in the late 1950s started my own business in Electrical Engineering Contracting. I was a local representative on the Chipping Norton RDC and then on WODC for many years.
In 1958 I married my wife Julie. We have four Children and seven Grand-children. Julie and I still live in Chadlington and would be interested to hear about any other ex-pupils of my generation. The e-mail address belongs to one of my Grand-children.
Kenn Collier 1939-1942 Login or Register to view email address. I was born in 1928 in West Street and left Chippy when I was about 4 years old only to return at the beginning of the war 1n August 1939. Lived with my grandparents at 12 West End and attended the Green School from 1939 to 1942. The Headmaster was then Mr TAYLOR. Left school in 1942 and became the Telegraph Boy Messenger at the Post office in Chippy. Have been in the Post Office all my life, working in London, Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)Papua New Guinea and Australia, where I retired a few years ago. Married with a few children and lots of pets. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Alma Joines 1939-1944 Login or Register to view email address. Now Alma Millard.
Still living in Chippy. Mother of Roger and Jane Sewell (both ex Chippy). Would love to hear from any former class mates.