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Louise Nankivell 1980-1985 Not supplied Now Louise Miller.
Hi! to anyone who remembers me. Now living in Paignton in sunny Devon.I am happily married with 6 children, Frances 20,(who has now left home, but not far away, and regularly comes back for dinner!!)Jack 18,Joseph 14,Patrick 9,Matthew 7,and Grace 5.I also have 2 grown up step children, one who has 2 little boys,so I am a grandma as well. Yes a busy life! but wouldn't have it any other way.Often visit chippy as my brother still lives in the area.Nothing ever changes there, still see the same faces doing the same things! Time warp chippy!!!But I have very fond teenage memories there! It would be good to hear from anybody.
Matty Nankivell 1982-1987 Login or Register to view email address. Brother of louise and kerry. Moved from Wales in 87, then moved to Gloucester in 96.
Now manager of my fathers furniture company. Still single and enjoy singing in bands and devote all the spare time i can to music,still praying for record contract!! Have no children but enjoy trying!Would love to here from anyone.
Alex (Nasher) Nash 1970-1974 Login or Register to view email address. possibly a few folks will remember the nickname i can remember siggers ozzy and a few other names but wonder if any one remembers dick fisher from hooky then moved to london or mark `freeda` freeman from cornish rd living not to far away in great wolford married to lyn with 2 kids kayty-jayne 15 + richard 13 spend most my time messing about with computers or at standlake banger track where most know me as wurzle
all the best to any folk that knew me 30 years ago
if anyone wants to get in touch please email me
Debbie Nash 1990-1997 Login or Register to view email address. Blimey, so much to say. After Chippy School I went and did my degree at University of West of England and blagged a first! Went on to teach at Witney College, Oxford Brookes and Hartpury College in Gloscester for a few years, where I taught animal science (anatomy, physiology, veterinary science etc,,,) while I lived in Cheltenham. I've now moved to north London with friends as Im working at the Royal Vet College and Im just finishing the first year of my PhD in reproductive pathology and immunity. This basically involves plenty of blood and dead things and thrusting my gloved arm in very warm places. Still living with Chris (5 years and counting) who is becoming an architect so he can build me a house and I can be a kept women forever more.
Otherwise I do venture back to Chippy most weekends as mum and dad are (still) keeping my 2 lovely horses for me. Have been very careful to avoid the Chippy night life (does it still have one?)
So thats me, good luck all ex-Chippy students
Elizabeth Nash 1964-1969 Login or Register to view email address. Now Elizabeth Stonehouse.
I still live in Chipping Norton with youngest daughter Jessica, partner now deceased in oct 2002.
I still work at the cross hands inn. anybody trying to contact me please e-mails me at
Melanie Nash 1977-1982 Login or Register to view email address. Now Melanie McInerney.
Hi all, still living Banbury. Separated (since 2006)(No kids).
Still Finance Manager (since 1992) for the Italian owned firm.
I've been travelling to some wonderful place and met some great people in the last 3 years.
Hope your all enjoying life.
Hope we have another reunion soon?????????!!!!!!!!!!!
Sandra Nash 1992-1999 Login or Register to view email address. Now Sandra Fox
I am still living in Chippy, but have just bought a house with my boyfriend James Langton, in Banbury where I work, as a Purchase Ledger clerk. We should hopefully be moved in for Christmas. I am attending North Oxon college in Banbury, where I am studying to be an accountant.
Ailsa Naumann 1992-1999 Login or Register to view email address. If I told you what I was doing now i would have to kill you........
Michaela Neath 1984-1989 Login or Register to view email address. Now Michaela Gardner.
I am now married with two children - Daniel aged 3 1/2 and Esme who's nearly 1. I live in Brize Norton and I work at the John Radcliffe Hospital as Manager of the Postgraduate Education Centre (full-time)
Sarah Neath 1987-1992 Login or Register to view email address. Recently won the lottery so now I am going to marry Neil in the sun but we have just realised that a tenner doesnt get you that far, working as a nanny living life to the full.
Julie Nichols 1982-1987 Login or Register to view email address. Single with no children (thank god)
Living in Banbury
Working in Oxford
Main interest playing rugby
Sharon Nichols 1984-1991 Login or Register to view email address. I'm currently living in Watford and working at Watford General Hospital as a nurse, although I'm still a frequent visitor to Chippy to see my parents. I'm still single and no kids and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Angela Nicks 1978-1983 Login or Register to view email address. Married to Paul Sivell also EX. Chippy school ,for 15 yrs.We have 1 lovely son called Harvey aged 8yrs.Lived in Hook Norton for 8 yrs but been back in Chippy for 14 yrs.
Caroline Nicks 1975-1980 Login or Register to view email address. Now Caroline Bott.
hi, i am married to adrian bott, i also have three lovely children, jodie, (19) twins Sian and Kellie (16) both still in chippy, yr 11 just doing G.C.S.E's been married 23 years, living in enstone, have got my own hairdressing business working long hours to pay for jodie's wedding in september. if anybody remembers me and wants a chat send me a message.
Jennie Nicks 1973-1980 Login or Register to view email address. Now Jennie Botham.
I am married with 2 children and Living in Oxford. I work as a Laboratory Technician in the Department of Chemistry at Oxford University. I am currently in the third year of study for an Open University Degree.
Paula Nicks 1974-1981 Login or Register to view email address. Now Paula Smith.
Did O'levels 1979 and A' levels 1981 then left Chippy altogether to go to Hull College.
Not lived in Chippy since and now live in Northampton. Married with 2 children - Emily (9) and Joshua (6).
Work in Upper School dealing with truants and poor attenders - I get paid to nag children to get to school/lessons on time!
Steve Nicks 1971-1977 Login or Register to view email address.

I left school in 1977 and attended Brunel University in Uxbridge (Metallurgy) and have since then lived in London, Kidderminster and now Derby.

Now separted from my second wife !!! I  have two sons Dan and Ollie aged 17 and 19 who live at home with me.

I am a football referee and secretary of the local Mini Soccer League.

I work for a Southampton based  railway livery supplier working as Sales Account Manager I am based at home selling to the railway industry north of Birmingham.

I have lost touch with just about all my school friends but would be keen to re establish contact with anyone who remembers me.

(My parents still live in Chippy so we visit a number of times a year.)

Catherine Nightingale 1976-1983 Login or Register to view email address. After several years teaching and working on archaeological digs in various sunny locations I'm now living in the rather less than sunny Walthamstow, London with Stewart and son Joseph (now 9 months). Working at the Museum of London where I'm a conservator (glorified cleaner really). Great to find this site but who and how much do we have to pay to get ourselves blanked out of the photos? Makes you realise that there must be some kind of forward progress in society after all when you see those '70's hair styles.
Stephen Nobbs 1980-1985 Login or Register to view email address. Married ex-Chippy pupil Jakki Forse and have 3 daughters Elizabeth, Catherine & Sarah.
Currently live in Kidlington & work as a quality manager for BMW at Cowley.
June A. Norris 1970-1974 Login or Register to view email address. Now June Bloom
Was former Spendlove pupil from Finstock. Lived in Liverpool for ten years and now living in Witney.
William (Bill) Norris 1972-1979 Login or Register to view email address. Living in Mid Wales as a manufacturing consultant. Two children and second wife. Mother now lives next door, so do not visit Chippy very often.
Ian Nunan 1966-1973 Login or Register to view email address. !st xv photo 1970-71, top row left hand side is Paul Dearnley,
bottom row between peter finch and steve faulkner is Andy Gould