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This website is run by John Mann on a personal basis and has no official connection with Chipping Norton Comprehensive School.
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Updated January 1, 2015


FORMS - I'm sorry to say the fix only worked for a few days. The problem is that data from the website is treated by my ISP as Spam and junked. I can do nothing about this, neither can I turn spam filtering off. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. It would be nice to get the website going again.

New science block


Here are some pictures of the new science block, once again Chippy School managed to get its new build in just before government cut backs came in. The block is built on what was the playground area off Glyme Lane, ex-students from the late sixties or early seventies may remember the school's small swimming pool was once here. The opportunity has also been taken to create a new main entrance to the school in what was once the Special Studies department and more recently the sixth form area. The new science block is the first three-storey building at the school. It has its own lift and a small rooftop terrace (just behind the tree in the middle picture).


The new entrance to the school
New science block
Sign board


What these pages are about:

• This web site's mission is to enable former students of Chipping Norton School to contact former friends with whom they have lost touch over the years. The list of former pupils is therefore the central feature of the site and was how the site began.

• The "School Photographs" section is an attempt to get all formal school photos online and identify every person on them!

• The archives section is organised by year and contains pictures and documents related to the school. We are always looking for more material.

This site relies mostly on your input. Please persuade your friends to add their names to the list and let us have your memories and pictures.

Former Chipping Norton School people on the Net

The directory exists in two versions - search by surname or year of starting school (usually when aged 11 in September).

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List policy

It is my policy to add names to this list only by specific request of the person concerned. I realise that there are many people who find this site of interest but don't want to put their name on the list. That's fine. But conversely, if you are e-mailing me and want your name added to the list, don't assume I will automatically do so now I know your e-mail address. I won't, unless you tell me you want it added (or use the form).

Please add your name to the Ex-Chippy Directory. The ex-Chippy list is open to former students and staff (past and present) of Chipping Norton School. By listing your e-mail address here, we hope you will be able to make contact again with people who you have lost touch with over the years. The website was set up in 1998 and continues to grow.

To add your name just fill in the form below. Include as much or as little info as you wish.

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Use this form to include your details on the Ex-Chippy list. All information is optional, apart from name without which the exercise is fairly pointless! We will publish an entry with an email but no "other info". We will also publish an entry with "other info" but no email. Both of these contain useful information. But if you just give your name and years, we won't publish. Due to the large number of submissions now being received, a bulk update of the pages is usually done once a week (usually at weekends) so you may have to wait a few days to see your name in the listing.

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