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Updated 1st March 2000

How does the mailing list work?

The Ex-Chippy mailing list works in similar fashion to most Internet mailing lists. To post to the list, a member sends an e-mail containing their message to the list address ( The egroups server then copies this message to all group members. Replies to this message will also be distributed to group members. In this way a discussion can be carried on and list members can join in or just read the messages, as they wish. Messages arriving in your mailbox are identified by [ex-chippy] in the subject line, for ease of identification. We highly recommend you set up a seperate folder in your email program to prevent your main mailbox filling up at busy times (which is annoying!).

How do I join the list?

Use the sign-up box below. You will receive a confirmation e-mail which you must reply to before your list membership is activated.

More information

More information on the mailing list facility can be found at
You will also find an archive of past messages here.

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