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Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2006
Subject: Reunion

Is any one going to do a reunion for the class of 86" ????
We had one 10 years sure we need a 20 year one.
Any volunteers. Julie Jackson (

Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006
Subject: school

hi this is a message for louise harbert my name is mandy at school i was mandy glithero i was in the same year as your mum trina creed (not sure about your dad) i tried to send u a email but ur adress is wrong could u mail me and i tell u all about ur mum at school its i hope she remembers me i was friends with louise morley and lived in steeple barton we went to youth club together and i had a huge crush on her brother stuart not that i told her that !! hope to hear from u soon mandy

From: "A.Abbey Group" <>
Subject: Ex Chippy and adlestrop park
Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2006

Hi I am Barry Foley from Adlestrop Park who schooled at Chippy between 65 to 69, I have recently found the site and contacted Fred Mason from this site who was shocked to hear from me as he had been told that I had died in a car crash, fortunately I am alive and kicking although my wife would argue that point. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who knows me, either at Chippy or Adlestrop Park, for a possible get-together.

Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2005
From: ISABEL grable <>

i would like to get in touch with kath dunbar also my niece lynn salim nee dunbar you can get in touch with me at this email isabel

Date: 17 December 2005 09:46:38

i was at chippy school from 1980-1983 and would love to here from any old class mates mr jones was head of 3rd years my forn tutor was mrs shipston i think anyway its been a long time i hav elots of photos of the las tyear and some of my classmates were lousie morley jackie bott sharon fudge angela nicks sarah savell keith harrison chris fowler adrian geoghan liesl housden shelley withers if any of these people want to get in touch with me or if anyone knows what they r up to please let me no. thanks mandy bahar (glithero)

Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 13:27:46 EST
Subject: About time.

Hi all this is mick soper finally getting round to using his computer! if there is anyone out and about who would like to get in touch, my address is Hope to be in touch with some old friends bye bye for now.        mick.

Date: Sat, 7 May 2005
Subject: Possible Reunion

To all at CN Grammar School between 67-72 or there abouts.

Would any who attended, be interested in a reunion? Having recently found the site and registered myself, it has motivated the old brain cells to
wondering where and what your all doing.

So what say?

Dave Perry.

From: "Dawn Fisher" <>
Subject: lost
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 17:30:26 -0000

Anyone know how to get in touch with Laura Ford? The e-mail address listed here no longer works. If you read this Laura, mail me, got something to tell you ;-)

From: Paul Stevens <>
Date: 10 October 2004

Hi there, you're probably likely to remember me as Blub, I'm keen to get in touch with anyone who remembers me, I was at Chippy School 1971 - 1979, and would like to get to a reunion if possible.
If you'd like to get in touch, please email me at paul_stevens_511@hotmail .com

From: Dave Rix
Subject: anyone remember me 73/ 78
Date: 22 June 2004

hi its dave rix i did attend chippy school a few time if i was,nt skiving off down at johns cafe wich used to be half way down new sreet if anyone is still around please e mail me at

From: Louise Harbert (
Subject: anyone know my mum?
Date: 05 April 2004 16:30:47

hi all
my mum and dad both went to chippy and i am in my last year there now.
just wondering if anyone knew them
my mums name Trina Creed
my dads name Steven Harbert
i know my mum was good friends with shelly withers
if anyone knows of them would be intresting to hear from you

Louise Harbert

From: Julian Quail
Subject: Blast from the past
Date: 21st February 2004

--Greetings to you all!
Just discovered this website...
-Visited C N school for the 1st time since I left after form 5 in 1966.Also visited Heythrop village and college. Left in 66 to live and go to school in Oxford.
After A levels there left for Paris for 6 years where I also did a degree in French at the Sorbonne.
Then back to London for postgrad work in English.Since then I've been teaching English to adults around the world, for companies,military,British Council, UN in eg Colombia,Ecuador,Sweden,Oman,Kuwait.
So now I'm still gadding about, but in HK now,teaching high school, where I've been the last 10 years.
I also do w/e radio newsreading-so you can hear me read the news if you like on
-Greetings to you all and also to your parents,families and friends .
All the very best,

From: lorraine mason
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004

FREDDIE MASON is at this time is trying to bring old friends together and is working on several sites at any one tme to achieve this.
At this moment in time, Both ex chippie & adlestrop are trying to organise thier renunions for this year...I trust that I am not causing any problems doing this.
If I am, please let me know...
Contacts :

Thank You All                                                    Freddie

From: lorraine mason <>
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2003

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year For 2003/4

Best Wishes From:

Fred & Lorraine Mason
Also at    

From: Debi Moir
Subject: Mini Reunion
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003

On September 12th, 2003, I met up with six others from Chipping Norton High School. As it was at least 35 years since I had seen any of them, I found myself having thoughts such as, "What do I wear? What will they wear? What will we talk about after all this time?" Needless to say, my fears were groundless! The first person I saw was Clare Hedges (Hutt). She was followed by Shirley Gaden (Crichton), Lyn Pearce (Dumbleton), Janice Coleman (Brice), Christine Harris, and Cicely Atwell (Maundet). Some of you may know Cicely was actually Mayor of Chipping Norton a few years ago.

We met in the Crown and Cushion as that was where I was staying. I now live in Richmond, Virginia and had returned to the country to visit my sister, Mandy, who is moving to Spain to live at the beginning of October.

The time flew by, and all of a sudden, it was after 4.00 pm and some of the group had to leave.

For a long time now I have had a desire to reconnect with old school chums. I felt as if a part of my life had been missing - and wondered why I didn't bother before to stay in touch. This was an incredible meeting for me. I also found out how differently I was remembered from how I thought I was!

Somehow the years just melted away.

Cicely is arranging a reunion next March for the 1959-1964 years. I will be back! Thanks guys - I had SO much fun!

Debi L. Moir

From: Richard Graydon <>
Subject: Specialist School Status in the Performing Arts
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003

I am the Headteacher at CNS and have been interested to read the e-mails between Laura Simper and yourself.  This correspondence has begun a good debate, which I would like to contribute to, if I may. 

The decision to seek specialist school status was not likely taken by the Governors and senior staff at the school.  We pride ourselves on being an all round good comprehensive for the local community (and were incensed when Alastair Campbell, (?) talked about 'bog standard' comprehensive schools and 'one size fits all').  Local people in our part of Oxfordshire do not really have much choice above secondary school, because of the distances and poor transport.  We therefore need to be as excellent in Science as in Sport, as rigorous in Art as in Mathematics.

However money and status are hard to ignore, and we came to the conclusion about a year ago that we would have to play this new game; as Laura says, the financial rewards are very significant (over £500,000 of government money every 4 years, in response to the £50,000 we have to raise).  And, as other schools gain specialist status, it would be like running a hotel without any stars, in competition with others who seem more highly rated.

What specialism could we adopt without changing the nature of the school?  We believe the answer is performance  for the reasons which Laura states.  If people find this hard to believe, they should see the 6th Form A level German group perform their Christmas German!  Or see over half of Year 10 (the old 4th Form) performing on steel drums while their friends, parents and staff dance to the music... a uniquely happy and relaxed occasion,  Laura and I thought.  The list of opportunities to enhance learning through performance is endless, and, as adults, we know the importance of being persuasive, assertive, confident in our daily lives at work and at home.

The success of our bid for £3,500,000 to Sport England for the joint school/community Leisure centre brought superb sports facilities to the school and the town, much needed and long overdue.  But without changing the nature of the school.  We plan to do the same in the Performing Arts, working with The Theatre and local schools, but again without changing the nature of our local comprehensive school.

So the Governors have made two policy statements which are, I hope, absolutely clear.

• Chipping Norton School will never select pupils, not by ability, nor by aptitude. It will continue to take all children who live locally and wish to attend the school.
• Chipping Norton School will not skew the curriculum.  It will continue to offer a broad and balanced curriculum.  Laura rightly says we will not become a 'Fame Academy'.  We wish to continue to turn out excellent Physicists and Historians, whilst extending our range of courses (Dance at GCSE and A level, in the new Dance Studio). So, whilst the extra government cash is helpful, we are not so cynical as to be doing this just for the money.  We believe the performing arts can inspire and change children, develop their imaginations and talents, and  help grow into happier adults.

Anyone who would to make a donation, no matter how modest, can do so through the school's Trust Fund.  This is a registered charity and can therefore reclaim any tax paid by the donor; a gift of £50.00 can therefore become worth £65.00 or £70.00 to the school.  A rare opportunity for anyone to tell the Chancellor what they want their income tax spent on.

We plan to have an evening in early September to explain our bid to all interested parties and friends of the school.   Should we invite members of the 'ex-Chippy' group?

Sorry this is a bit long; I hope it is of interest and might spark some replies or questions.
Best wishes
Richard Graydon

From Laura Simper (
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003
Subject: Chipping Norton School - Performing Arts status

I have really enjoyed meeting some of you again at school with your children after many years despite the fact it makes me feel at least a hundred. I only found out about John's Web page recently and thought it would be a really good way of asking for your help. We are bidding to become a Performing Arts School but need to raise £50000 for ourselves before we can attract other significant funding. Performing Arts does not mean that we would become a 'Fame' school. We would still take children from our local area but we would try to use the performing arts across all the subjects to raise pupils' self esteem and achievement. If you could help in any way either by loaning your skills or donating a sum of money to this venture it would really make a difference!

I look forward to hearing from you on or 01608 642007.

Laura Simper

From: Ian Huckin (
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2003
Subject: Get Together

John has already mentioned about an informal get together, for all years, in November. It is a great idea and I hope we can get a few people interested. Maybe even a couple of teachers. Spread the word. Even if you don't want to be there, others may.
The reason for the 7th or 8th November will become clearer as time draws on. Lets just say someone will be around!
I would love to meet some of you. Always nice to put names to faces.
See you then!

Ian Huckin

From: Peter Johnson
Date: 27 May 2003

I am very pleased to report that I have re-established contact with my old schoolfriend John Grantham after a period of 52 years (I left Chippy in 1951 at the age of 13). Last Saturday my wife and I went to visit John and his wife in Salford. It was a very enjoyable day out and included a meal at the Chequers, a conducted tour around Chippy, visits to the houses I used to live in and the schools I went to and then 'Over The Common' to see The Mill and the lovely view over the fields. Finally, a cup of tea, a chat about old times and out with the photo albums.

It's always great to hear a story like this - it's what the web site is all about! We always like to hear when you have got back in touch with old friends.

Date: 02 February 2003 14:16:38

It's been 20 years since we left school, me Shelley Withers and
Charmaine Willoughby would like to try and organise a school
reunion. For years 1978-1983.
Please get in contact with me Charmaine (Weller) on this address if
you are interested.

Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003
Subject: The Dave Haigh Evening

There is an evening to celebrate Dave's life and work in Chipping Norton
youth centre. Any one who knew Dave is Welcome. The evening is on the 31st
January 2003 from 7pm until 10pm. For more info Contact either cnyc on 644745
or Tym Soper on

From: Wendy
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2002
Subject: Reunion

Thank you Caroline and Richard!

I have a few photos from the reunion, if any one would like me to emaill them to you let me know.
See you all in a couple of years time, oh, and I agree with Caroline about
the earring Richard!!!
Wendy XX

From: caroline
Date: 30 November 2002
Subject: nutters

Well, some things never change.......we're still as "mental" as we always were!   It was so surprising that most of you all still looked the same!
Individual messages:  Mandy - go for it!  Rachael - allotments forever! Karine - still sorry about the carpet! Wendy - superb organiser!  Richard -you're cool but loose the earing!  Conrad - no excuses next time! Gene - cute but completely plastered!  I could go on...... Hope to see you all again in a few years, lots of love  Caroline   

From:Richard Backhouse <>
Date: 27 November 2002
Subject: That reunion

well, that was a lot of fun, I have barely stopped smiling since last Saturday in the Chequers. It was great to see everyone there and to talk about all that nonsense that we talked about.

Thanks to Wendy and Kim for making it happen and thanks to everyone else for turning up.

There was talk of doing it again in a year or two, and I would just like to say yes lets do it. I mean its just too much fun not to do again. I'm sure if most of us pulled up to the lights together, and didn't recognise each other we would probably sneer (eh Conrad?). but the fact is we shared some surreal years in the 70s, and now we can laugh about it together. Is that sad? possibly, but still....

Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002
Subject: Reunion

This message is for anyone who was in the year with myself (Wendy Gibson) and Richard Backhouse, Caroline Mansfield, Susannah Walton, Conrad King, Kim White, Debbie Fudge, Keith Stratford, etc
We are having a reunion on 23rd November 2002, in Chippy. No venue as yet, but any suggestions would be helpful. If you want to know more, please contact me at

From: John Mann
Subject: Linda Cyphus

Some very sad news received from Ann Fitton. The family of Linda Cyphus have asked us to pass on the news that Linda died on the morning of the 19th September, due to illness. The family have requested that Linda's details remain on the former pupils list. Anyone wishing to pass on condolences to the family may do so via her sister Jane's email address (

19 September 2002

The poster of the 'Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui' school play was recently added. My thanks go to Ian Corcoran who loaned it to me, having kept it for all these years. He played my Dad in that production!
I am going to try and find the photos that the press took. Maybe it was Packers.
For those of you in the late 60's early 70's (born late 1952 - early 1957), particularly from Spendlove, I have republished 5 editions of that schools magazine 'Under Wychwood', in a set of three volumes, together with the original illustrations. Only available from me at this time. The set costs £5 which includes UK P&P. If you want a set, e-mail me for address details. If you want to know if you contributed, also contact me.
I am also in the process of setting up a website (non-profit making), just for Oxfordshire Books and authors. I will let you know when it is up and running.

Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2002 19:48:19 EDT
Subject: Lifting the Latch

For those who need an introduction to this book. Where have you been for the last 14 years!
Lots of social history about the early 20thC through the eyes of a Shepherd, who lived and worked his whole life in Enstone.
This book went out of print two years ago, but is being republished in September. The cover price is £8.99, but I am promised a discount, which should help towards the postage.
I already have orders for 20, but if you want one, let me know and I will add you to my list. They make great Christmas presents.
You may also want to have a look at this, with regards to other books:

Should be something of extra interest in there, to ex-Spendlove pupils from the late 60's.
Look forward to hearing from you.

Ian Huckin

From: Diane Purchase-Rathbone.
Subject: Hi all.
Date: 31st May 2002

hi every one its diane purchase-rathbone remember me? i went to chippy
school 1975-1980 how are you all?
if you want to get in contact email me at well

From: "Dawn Fisher" <>
Subject: Lost.....
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002

Does anybody have any info on Laura Ford, Katy Cooper, Annabel Bryant? All ex-chippy, appprox late 70's.

From Jim Carter <>
To Keith Yates.
23 April 2002

Hi Keith,
Jamie here (these days and for the last 35 years everybody calls me Jim).
Yes, I remember the Heningers, Philip was in our class.
We used to spend a lot of time Scalextric racing if I remember correctly.  I think that I bought a set of the stuff off of you.
I was in the same ATC squadron for a while.
I haven't had any contact with anybody from the school for years as I was shifted to London when my parents moved around 65, apart from Mary Cox (a couple of years below us, I used to write to her and met her once about six years later when I was in Oxford) and Gay Jackson who I saw at her parents place about 15 years ago.
Rob Moulder and Richard Hall I remember well.  Also John and Peter Dix (twins) as we all went to the same junior school.
Do you remember Jane Tustin, a redhead I had a real crush on but she hated me (life can be a real pain at times).
Hello to anybody that remembers me and wants to talk to me.  I've been living in South Devon for the last twenty years, divorced once and married again with 4 boys, youngest of which is just taking his A levels.

This message was sent to ex-chippy rather than the noticeboard. However I can't find Keith Yates anywhere on the site to forward the message on so let's hope he reads it here! JM

From Jo Ashfield <>
Subject: class mates
Date: 20 April 2002

does anyone know where i can contact zoe watson and claire jordan, they were in the same year as me, unless they stayed on they would have left chippy in 1989. I would love to get in touch with them both, if you have any ideas please contact me at
regards jo

From Jim Purchase-Rathbone <>
Subject: hi
Date: 16 April 2002

hi every one remember me??? get in contact if you want bye then x

From: "Kevin Corcoran" <>
Subject: Old school friends
Date: Mon, 08 Apr 2002


Kevin (Korky) Corcoran here looking for any one who rembers me or Katy Hemmings from 1964-8 Kate and I were married in 1973 we celebrate 30yrs next year and are looking for any one who went to school with us to get in contact, maybe come to the celebrations. We are re-newing our vows that year.

some of those who went to school in our class are Rob Dix still in Chippy, Ollie Oliveria and a lad from Hook norton called Pinfold. My outstanding memory is of Rob throwing me out of the maths room window on the first floor into the pool. and I could not swim. Any one who remembers us get in touch

regards Kevin & Kate 

23rd March 2002
From Vicky W (

Re: Martin Stevens; I was in 7/8S with you and your sister, I know where Kay
is nowadays and have an email address if you wish to contact her.
I'm still living in the Chipping Norton area so feel free to contact me.

Re: Margaret Goodey; I know of a Clare Jordon, who is currently still
studying at CNS.
Would this be the same person you are looking for? Or are you looking for an
older student?

Vicky, Martin is keen to contact you but your email address seems to be outgoing only and does not permit replies (see error message below). If you let me know an address that you can be contacted on I will pass it on to Martin and Margaret.

SMTP error from remote mailer after RCPT TO:<>:
host []: 550-Host [] is not permitted
550-to relay through
550-Perhaps you have not logged into the pop/imap server in the last 30 minutes.
550-You may also have been rejected because your ip address
550-does not have a reverse DNS entry.
550 relaying to <> prohibited by administrator

21st March 2002
From Erica Edwards <>

We were recently informed through e-mail, from John that a wine jug was being sold through e-bay from the old Hitchman brewery in Chippy. This brewery was closed when I moved to Chippy in 1966. I used to play in the ruins located near Chippy pool. Well I bid on the jug and got it for only $41.00 about 28 quid, no scratches or chips. I have asked the seller who lives in Idaho USA to let us know how she aquirred the jug. I will let you know. Erica Edwards

22nd February 2002
From Margaret Goodey <>

Does anyone know where i can contact Zoe Watson and Claire Jordon?

9th February 2002
From Gerry Alcock.

Can we appeal to ex-Chippy pupils to let us have any comments about the town (good or bad) to help the Council in their Town Appraisal. Any criticism, views, - or best of all - ideas which could help shape the future development of Chippy are really welcome. Either make a new input or argue with what others are saying.
Here's the link:


19th January 2002
From Martin Stevens (

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Graeme Beauchamp? as i have
been trying to find where he is for nearly four years now.  Does anyone
remember me from 7S or 8S from 1995 - 1997, well our tutor was Mrs
Lee and for a short time Miss Cragg.  Can anyone remember Kay Siders
or Heidi Stevens. If so E-mail me at or .
Your sincerely
Martin Stevens

13th January 2002
From Bill Thornton (

Does anybody know the whereabouts of Steven Jones 1971-1978?, last heard of
around Chippy.
Bill Thornton.

4th December 2001
From Mark A Richardson (

Further to my posting back in February, I have found Julia Foster. She's in Swindon!
Between this site and, I have received emails or got back in touch with a number of people that I haven't seen for ages, which has been really good.

11th November 2001
From Bill Thornton (

Mr Peter Scrase Physics Teacher
Its amazing what a small world it is, I was attending a training session for new school govenors yesterday, when as I walked into the room I was sure I recognised one of the speakers. It was Mr Scrase who was a physics teacher at Chippy School from about 1974-1984.
We had a long chat about chippy and he remenbered some of the pupils also. I told him about the site and am sure he will be in touch soon. He was an excellent teacher and I am sure most of those taught by him will remember his enthusiasm and wit.
I was able to remind him of some of the things I remenber being taught, still relevant to me today.
Bill Thornton

I'm sure all those who, like me, were taught by Mr Scrase will remember him will. Great to hear he is still going strong. JM

11th November 2001
From Ian Huckin (

I have set up an AOL e-group. Anyone is welcome to pop in and have a look, but AOL insist all people are invited. Just let me know if you are interested, and I will send you an invitation.
It will have lots of photos eventually, which will be of interest to all ex-chippy, including ones of the school as it is now. It is a little light at present as it takes time to do each photo. If anyone wants to add photos, either send them to me and I will scan and return them, or e-mail the scans to me. It doesn't matter what size they are as I can adjust them, but if you send them as JPEG's less than 35kb, it will save me time. If you want copies of any, do let me know and I will e-mail them to you.
This is not a replacement or rival to the ex-chippy e-groups. It is complimentary to it.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Ian Huckin

11th November 2001
From R.T.Macpherson (

tim its rhys. how are you, wendy and dee. shame to here about you leaving the chippy. it was agreat place. well hope your doing some great stuff with your time off. take care
p.s. rhys, as in rhys who used to work foe you.
p.p.s write back with some of your great jokes.

This message looks as though it should have gone direct to "Tim" but it was sent to Noticeboard@evenlode so I have uploaded it here.

27th October 2001
From Tim Cook (

Does anybody have contact details for Mark Gooding, Rowan Bishop and Ian
Cains. Mark was from Enstone whilst Ian and Rowan were from Salford.
Tim Cook

12th October 2001
From Wendy Dant (

Were you in the 5th form in 1981?
Kim White and myself are trying to organise a reunion for our year. Did that
include you? If so please contact me on Other in the year
included; Richard Backhouse, Mandy Moulder, Caroline Mansfield, Stewart
Findlay, Sarah Morris, Rachael Hawtin......( just from the top of my head. )
Please contact me or Kim if you are interested.

Wendy Dant (nee Gibson)

11th October 2001
From Ian Huckin (

Lifting the Latch by Sheila Stewart.
Those of you who have not read this book, it is a fascinating insight into the Social History of the Chipping Norton Area in the early-mid 20thC. All through the eyes of a Shepherd and Carter. It is currently out of print, but Sheila has been approached by a publisher who is interested in re-running it. And about time I say! (See e-group messages from last February for views of this book). I would like to know how many people may be interested in a copy, if it does re-run. I will then pass on the level of interest to Sheila, which may sway her publisher to get and do it. I know Karen Wilson wants a copy.
I managed to get three copies earlier this year, and they went in minutes (Literally). I have never heard anyone say they didn't like the book (although my Gran was a bit put out by a few inaccuracies, but that was down to Mont's age).
Do let me know if you may be interested. Price is likely to be £7-8, which is cheap for a book these days.
Your Children and Grandchildren will find this book very interesting as they get older. Parents and Grandparents will lap it up. You don't learn this sort of stuff in History books, because no-one considered it important enough to actually write down. Hence the book I have written.
Do let me know ASAP if you may want a copy (or copies. they make great presents), and I will contact Sheila Stewart. We may even be able to strike a deal and get discounts!

Ian Huckin

30th September 2001
From Alistair Millard (

Jo Salt
Dear Jo
I was thinking of you earlier in the year when I saw Kylie Minogue at the
Hammersmith Apollo, it was the first time I'd been there since we saw T'Pau
together. That would have been 13-14 years ago!!! 
I would love to hear from you.

28th September 2001
From Debbie Willis (

Ian Longshaw.
I an trying to track down Ian Longshaw.  He transferred from Spendlove school in
approximately 1982 and was best mates with David Bodman.  If anyone knows
what's happened to him please let me know.

5th September 2001
From Julian Backhouse (

'77 Science class
Can anyone else recognise Richard Center in the 2nd year science class picture? I reckon thats him at the back of the class looking remarkably like Jimbob from the Waltons (TV show). I usually sat one or two places to his right -I can't make out the others though as they are too unclear.
Julian Backhouse

27th August 2001
From Sara Gentry (

Alistair Millard
Hi Alistair Millard
I sent a letter to Tracey Moulder (Hemmings) apparently she is not online yet. John Mann lives near her in Hooky and was kind enough to help re-open the lines of communication so I know her address and phone number. When she replies I will forward your regards to her.
Sara Gentry

23rd August 2001
From Richard Brooks (

Hi there.
Does anybody has any pictures of the Chadlington morris dancers which were reformed in 1977 for the queens silver jubilee? I am trying to find some pictures of myself doing the dasterdlay deed but i have no idea who any of the other people where now.

18th August 2001
From Alistair Millard (

Tracey Moulder
Although I never knew Tracey at school, we crossed paths a few years ago, 1995-96, when Tracey worked for CETA Ltd, who are based at Astley House, 8 Cromwell Business Park, Chipping Norton. I used to visit their office once a week.
She was then Tracey Hemmings and had a young daughter. Her sister Mandy (then Mandy Allman) also worked for the company.
If you anyone gets in contact with Tracey can you pass on a big hello from Alistair (formerly of General Accident Insurance).
Alistair Millard

A happy conclusion to this one, thanks to Alistair's information on Tracey's married name I realised she lives here in Hook Norton! Tracey and Sara are now back in contact.

15th August 2001
From Sara Gentry (

Tracey Moulder
Does anyone know what happened to this young lady? I know she moved to Banbury but that is as much as I know. She was at Chippy school from 1980 to 1985. Any input would be very gratefully received. Sara Gentry

8th August 2001
From Gail Cripps (

Looking for former pupils from the above year group ie began Chippy in 1969 particularly Pauline Sykes from Middle Barton, Yvonne Nicks from Churchill, Rosemary Coleman from Little Compton, Simon Addison from Chippy if any one could help we would be most grateful
Gail and Clare

7th August 2001
From Mark Williams (

Could you please help and advertise on your web page. I am looking for a young lady was named Helen Tustian, anyone heard or know where she is living.
She went to school same time as me 1982 - 1987.


MArk Williams

23rd July 2001
From Claire Stevens ( has a lot of ex-Chippy School people on it!

Yes, they now have 105 against 379 currently on this site. The site is worth checking out, they aim to list every school in the UK. In particular, they seem to do better at attracting 1990's students than we do here, I'm not sure why!. There is a downside in that if you want to contact anyone on their list a five pound fee is payable. JM

18th July 2001

please could you put a photo of lower school (1978) because my brother and i are in it so my children can see it.   

I would love to put the photo on the site but I do not have a copy myself. The website relies on its users providing such things for us, all the existing photos have been obtained this way. If anyone has a copy of this picture let us know. We can arrange scanning if necessary. JM.

1st July 2001
From Lynda Warner (

Hi - Ex-chippy pupil Lynda Howie now Warner

Can anyone help me find my old school pal Lizzie Potter - last I knew she was
living in USA, if you know where she is please email me,

Lynda Warner

28th June 2001
From Julian Backhouse (

Did anyone out there play (or practice) with Chippy Volleyball club in the early 1980's - if you did and you are interested in playing in tournaments in future with other ex-chippy VC people please contact Julian Backhouse ( Last Sunday (24/6/01) I managed to assemble a team including 4 ex-chippyites to play in a tournament in Surrey. We weren't hugely successful but we had a great time and are keen to do it again - probably next summer. The four who made it were Pete Taylor, Neil Smith, Gareth Jones and myself. I also managed to contact several others, who, although they couldn't make it this time are keen to play in the future.

Do get in touch, I can't guarantee we will recreate the glory days like when we won the county league and cup, but we can have some fun trying. Cheers Julian Backhouse

27th June 2001
From Ian Huckin (

HEAR HEAR Maz! I certainly didn't take a camera to school. The sixth formers would have nicked it and taken photos that were certainly not printable! I will be uploading a load more shortly, of the school as it is now. I have had permission to do so by the Headmaster. Let me know if anyone wants a particular area covered. Just waiting for exams to finish this week. If there isn't room on the site, I will create my own area for them (John, let me know if you are out of space, or nearly). Also, at the end of July, I will be going to the library to do a bit of research (again). Anything you want looking up, let me know. Preferably with dates if known. Does anyone have the facility to take prints from video? I may have need of you services at a later date.

More!! Is there a catalogue of Packers old photos? There must be some gems in that collection!

I haven't checked, but I think we're OK for space. You will find most of the Packer collection at the Westgate library, you can look at them on microfilm but I seem to recall they weren't very well indexed. Quite expensive to buy a print as well, not the 10p Mr Packer used to charge! JM

27th June 2001
From Kevin Spicer (

Have just come across the ex chippy site what a good idea. just a line about paul canning as ive seen him mentioned. i was a atc cadet when he was there and remember him well. i am now back at the atc as an instructor and would like to say to gail that we have a plaque on the wall from your parents in pauls memory. this year we have just celebrated 60 years of the atc in chippy. if you would like to see the plaque we are there tues and thurs 1900 to 2130.

27th June 2001
From Justine Vanner (

Hello, if anyone knows when the next reunion might be for the class of 1987 could they please let me know as I'd love to attend; couldn't make the last one.

I'm formerly known as Justine Garrett now Justine Vanner.

26th June 2001
From Marion Woods (

Let's have more photos in the archives.....there's no pics relating to the mid and
late eighties....let's have a laugh.....visit the archives page for details of where to
send your pics.....mazzy .

I'll certainly second that - surely someone other than myself and Shaun Skeats took a camera into school? JM

25th June 2001
From Marion Woods (

Hi Daniel....This is long lost Maz posting you a message....Where is your sister Jo????? Havn't seen her for ages...Years even! Send us a message if anyone knows where she is!!! Thanks.

4th June 2001
From Jane Knights (

Pleasing to see some names I recognise; Jenny and Barry Fletcher. Good to see they are still together too. I wonder where they are living now and if they remember me, Jane Kench, now Knights. I'm living and teaching in Norfolk.

13th May 2001
From Ann Hannaford (

Hello to all ex-chippy pupils from 1976-81. I only recently found this site and have had a great time looking at all the stuff on it. I was in Mr Mann's class in 1981and I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I was then known as Ann Hawtin (I hung around with Jane Cyphus, Laine Baker and Alison Smith amogst others). I will be at the school reunion tomorrow night, so accost me for a drink for old times sake!
Best wishes,
Ann Hannaford

10th May 2001
From Dudley Cox (

Hello to Syd Collins, Tom Payne, Rosalie Tidmarsh, Beryl Cox, John Lacey et al. We started at Chippy Grammar in 1945. Contact me at Best regards, Dudley Cox.

10th May 2001
From Rodney Blackman (


My name is Rod Blackman and I was wondering whether anyone had a version of the 1959-1961 whole school photo. The reason why I ask is because I have the orginal version, but it is badly damaged and therefore I would like to have a better version.

If anyone has a copy please could they let me know and then hopefully we will be able to come to some sort of arrangement.


Rod Blackman.

10th May 2001
From Ian Huckin (

OK you lot, get your thinking caps on. There is a competition being run by Ottakars bookshop, to write a piece of local history. The brief is very loose, but I am going to try modern history, ie 30-40 years. I would like any interesting stories about Chippy School, because I am going to submit a piece on behalf of the ex-chippy website. I will be taking some of those already talked about in e-groups. There is a prize for the best three pieces of £250 each. For those in other lands US$360 Aus$600 (approx). Other works will not attract a prize, but may be used in the book anyway. Interested? Why not send me something? The finished article will be 500-2500 words, and if selected will appear in print later in the year. I don't want the money, but if it is won, it will be donated to a cause dear to everyones heart. More about that if we win. So, get thinking and typing. I want facts, but from your perspective. Send via e-groups or directly to me. By the way, I will be away for a week from next Friday, so if you don't hear from me, I haven't skipped the country. Well, I have, but not for good!

14th April 2001
From Ian Huckin (

Calling all ex-chippy, especially those who are also ex-Enstone. There is to be a Charity Football match at Enstone Sports and Social Club on 12th May. Unfortunately I will be supporting it from a distance as I will be on holiday in Jersey at the time. If you want to make a donation or attend the event, please contact Pete Wakefield, his address is below. He is raising money for MacMillan Nurses and the haematology unit at the JR. In addition to financial support, he wants players as well. Do get in contact. I don't fully support many good causes, but this is one I am going to. I hope you feel the same.

Mr P Wakefield
Charlbury Lodge
Ditchley Park

Thank you for your time.

9th April 2001
From Phil Goodall-Smith (


My name is Phil Goodall-Smith (formally just plain old Phil Smith). I now live in Perth (Australia). I originally lived on Dayelsford HIll Farm between Kingham and Chippy. I never made it to Chippy High as we left the UK when I was 9 (Oct 1969). My two older brothers attended Chippy (David and Michael Smith). I was attending Kingham Primary School. I am sure that most of the students from Kingham would have ventured on to Chippy and I would love to hear from anyone who may remember those days. I also have a Kingham Primary Soccer Team photo taken around 1968 (ish)... If anyone would like me to email it for possible identification of team members I would be happy to do so and have my failing memory jogged in regard to the names of everyone. I wish I had a school group photo but I don't remember one ever being taken.

Thanks in anticipation,



23rd March 2001
From Maxine Shepherd (

Just posting news of our school year reunion. The 'class of '81' reunion will be held at C.N.R.F.C on May 12th of this year from 8pm-midnight. There has been lots of very excited interest in this event, and we hope to see as many former pupils from our year as possible! Tickets are available by contacting myself or Julie Matthews (E-mail addresses on former pupil list)
See you in May
Max (Melody)

22nd March 2001
From Marion Woods (

1GKD / Glyme - I think this was our class in the first dreaded year at Chippy!!! Anyone in my year or whatever then give us an E mail...

From Maz (Tew) now Woods.

12th March 2001
From Pierre Margetts (

After reading Gail Cripps noticeboard messages it struck home as to who Paul was.I was in the ATC with Paul as one of my leaders.I was at the honour banquet when Paul received his "Certificate of Courage"and have the picture of Paul receiving his award from Sir Douglas Bader.With Gails permission I would be pleased to send a scan to John for the site.Paul was always smiling and ready to help out us younger ones and respected by us all.  

      Pierre Margetts

11th March 2001
From Gail Cripps (Canning) (

Paul Canning was my brother who sadly died in June 1970 aged 19 with cancer. He never gave in and though in pain he kept us on our toes. Paul was very involved in the ATC at Chippy and loved gliding ,gaining his wings despite having lost his leg. His courage was rewarded by receiving a certificate of courage of the highest honour in the ATC by Sir Douglas Barder earlier in 1970. Paul loved school and gave his best at all times, but could still have fun.  

Gail Cripps [Canning]

Thank you for that, Gail. Throughout my years at Chippy School I always wondered what the story was behind that award.

9th March 2001
From Ian Huckin (

As promised I have uploaded a picture of the school as it is today. Whilst at the school, I saw a couple of things that may be of interest to some of you. There are numerous panoramic photos on display in the foyer, albeit they didn't have one of 1970. They go back to 1938 (which my mother must be on somewhere).

There is also a plaque for an annual award, which was not awarded in my time (first is 1973). I am glad to say that two of my year are honoured on that board (1973 Jackie Barratt, 1974 Anthony Oliver). I would have liked to have taken a photo of it, but my digicam is only a cheapo and I had no room on it! That said, I think it would make an interesting addition, so I will get a photo or a copy of it for the site sometime soon, unless someone already has! Those of you not yet signed up to yahoo e-groups, I would urge you to do so. It is free and it does throw up some interesting conversation and memories (potting shed, exploding stages, acting faux pas, etc.). Well worth going in and having a look at the past e-mails and some of the photos that people have put on it like the school as it is now. Also those of you who do pop in and have a llok every now and again, do sign up to this site with John Mann. I would like to see 400 by the end of the year. Keep up the good work John.

Ian Huckin

Would that award be (purely from memory, so probably wrong!) the "Paul Canning Memorial Award, awarded for Qualities of Character"?

23rd February 2001
From Mark A Richardson (

Hi! I would like to contact Julia Foster, with whom I was in the 6th form at Chippy Skool from 1988-90. Julia was then living with her mother in Middle Barton, but my visit to the house there got me nowhere as the landlord couldn't remember her mother at all!

Julia's great friend was a girl called Louise (we were all in geography together) who later became a postie in Chippy. I think Julia may have gone to Canada as an au pair. I think of her most days because one of my many catch-phrases is "it's vile", and I got that from Julia.

Does anyone know where she is? Email me if you do! Thanks...

Mark A Richardson

6th January 2001
From Ian Huckin (

Hi everyone.
Just a quick note to tell you that I heard today that Music Teacher (and
sports master) Joe Roughton died in November aged 87. His son John let me
know. He will be best remembered by ex-Spendlove pupils, but he did teach at
Chipping Norton as well. His contribution to various societies around Chippy
will leave his name well known, and his ability to play just about any
instrument was legendary. He was an active man, and on his 80th Birthday,
took a Hot-air Balloon trip.
I have had good feedback from my Xmas mailshot and already have a lot of
interest in the reunion in October. Do get in contact.
Ian Huckin

23rd December 2000
From Pierre Margetts (

 Hello everyone,         
Good to see this site doing so well.When I find my school photo's of various field trips,I will send them to John to put in the archives section.It would be interesting to see a photo or two of the most recent reunion that was held at the Kings Arms and who attended?        

  I wish you all a "Merry Christmas".I'm going to ski with my kids this holiday on Hudson Bay Mountain which is right in my back yard.        

  All the best,         
    Pierre Margetts 

I do have some pictures of the reunion, courtesy of Steven Heath, and these are due to go up on the website. Lack of time is the problem, as usual! I also have a lot more pictures for the Archive section from my own collection which I hope to get online soon (thanks to Ian Huckin for scanning them) but would welcome submissions from other people to give a greater perspective.    

7th October 2000
From Ian Huckin

Dear All. Just a quick note to tell you, that if you e-mail me in the next five weeks, you may not get an answer as I will be on holiday. Please don't think I am being ignorant. I will answer all of them in the week I get back (I promise), so keep them coming in. Especially any news of the whereabouts of schoolmates. Speak to you all soon. Bye for now. Ian Huckin

28th September 2000
From Maria Walker (

I am not an ex-pupil but my husband and I are considering moving to Chipping Norton with our two young sons (3 and 5 months).  I wonder anyone could give me any information about whether or not there are any areas to avoid buying a house (!) and also any feedback or comments whatsoever with regards to growing up in the area (for all of us!!)

Many thanks.
Maria Walker

Any one care to e-mail Maria with their impressions of Chippy today? Things may have changed over the fifteen years since I last lived there but as far as I know there aren't any no-go areas!

22nd September 2000
From Ian Huckin (

Hello again. It's Ian Huckin. Just a quick note to let you know that there is a composite photo on the e-groups site, of a number of ex-pupils, from 1970 as they are now (1996-97). There is also a list of the names. If you like them and you would like a copy, do let me know and I will e-mail it to you. Seperate photos are also available in .tif format. keep looking at the noticeboard. There will be more coming soon.
Yours very truly,

Ian Huckin

3rd September 2000
From Dominic Eckersley (

Hi everyone, it really is amazing to see all this information about Chipping Norton School, reading Arthur Nockel's note took me straight back. It is really interesting to see what came of many of our lives. I have been travelling around the world for the past twenty odd years (very odd ones too) and welcome the opportunity of getting back in touch with old friends. I am wondering, however, whatever happened to Andrew Wood and Michael Bunce. If you know just drop me a line.

Best regards


30th August 2000
From Arthur Nockels

Now retired for almost twenty years and recovering from a knee replacement. Delighted to read the news of so many old boys and girls. Mrs N was disabled by a stroke seven years ago, but is coping well. David is chief pilot with a helicopter company. He is married to Hilary, a general practitioner, They live in Penn near High Wycombe. After some years in teaching Ros married Brian, a genetic toxicologist, and now has three splendid daughters. Their home is in Chrishall, a village just south of Cambridge.    

  With kind regards to you all,    

                                              Arthur Nockels (Headmaster)

21st August 2000
From Ian Huckin (

Dear All. Having only recently found out about this site, I would invite anyone who was born in late 1954 -early 1955, and went to Chippy, to contact me. There is a reunion planned for 6th October 2001 for those people. I am particularly looking for Judith Sutch (I think that is how her name is spelt), Julie Hogben, Pete Jeffs and Robert Cutler. All came from the Stonesfield area. Also Laurie and Marie Marley, Billy Cocks, Barry Long and Sue Monk, all from Chippy area. I am setting up a WebSite at present with more detail on. I will Keep you all posted. In the meantime, let me know if you can help. It may prove mutually beneficial. Thank you for reading this.

Ian Huckin

13th August 2000
From Phil Goodall-Smith (

Hi all,

My name is Phil Goodall-Smith (it used to be plain ol' Phil Smith until I got married). Never got to go to Chippy High School. But would love to hear from anyone who attended Kingham Primary School in the mid-late 60's. I am sure that many kids went on to Chippy from Kingham. I left Kingham in 1969 to move to Perth (Australia). We lived at Dayelsford Hill Farm where my father was the pig manager. I have two older brothers who went to Chippy: Michael Smith and David Smith.

What a terrific part of the world that little bit of England is....

All the best,


9th August 2000
From Pierre Margetts

  Hello all,   

  I have just uploaded a few more pictures of our last fishing trip on the Skeena river for anyone who is interested.The dates on the photo's are incorrect as I forgot to reset the date feature on my camera.This trip took place in July this year.Most of the photo's are the same 62 pound Chinook salmon that my son Tobias caught.It is so rare to catch a fish that size so I also had to pose with it so that I can lie when I'm telling fish stories.Should I be able to attend the reunion in October I will bring some smoked salmon for us to snack on with our beer , which is the best way to have it.        All the best,               

3rd July 2000
From Han Veefkind

Dear John, On the 17th of april 2000 I sent you a message saying, that I looked for Ian Grierson, teacher at Chipping Norton. One day later you anwered me. That very day I received an e-mail from an Ex-chippy, who saw Ian during an open day at Chipping Norton School. Her daughter starts at the same school in september. To make a long story short: Ian mailed me his private address and telephonenumber and he promised to visit the little reunion I have planned in september. I don't feel authorised to mention the name of the Ex-chippy, the mother of a next-Chippy, but I will carry her name in my heart. Thank you, John, for doing the middle-mans work. Maybe our paths will cross again in the future. I have warm feelings at that thought. Han Veefkind

I'm glad to hear that Han's quest was successful. The whole point of this website is to put people in touch with each other, it's nice to know that in this case we have succeeded - JM.

12th June 2000
From Pierre Margetts (

Hello you idle lot,

I just got home from meeting Peter pinfold and his two sons in southern B.C. It was a wonderful time for me, as it was for them I hope. Anyone that is interested in coming to Canada can feel free to ask my opinion.. I will do my best to help-out.

That Gary Stone character that just joined on seems to be a bit crazy like myself, dogs, sticks, running shoes, anything htat isn't tied down.

In the mean-time, I look forward to any sign of life from the U.K.


17th April 2000
From Han Veefkind (

I saw your address in a web-site about Chipping Norton Upper School and your attempt to identify all 296 people on a photo from 1978. Second: Please excuse me for making mistakes in your language, since English is not my native tongue.

My name is Han Veefkind, I am a Dutchman, and I live in the Netherlands in a village called Voorschoten, near the town of Leiden.

I am looking for a man called Ian Grierson. He was a teacher in geology or geography and lived in Charlbury. It is very well possible that he is on your photograph. As far as I know he was married and he had two children, daughters.

I met Ian and his wife Ann, also a teacher, but for infants, on a holydaytrip to Iceland in the summer of 1974. Their children were born in later years. The family moved to New Zealand or maybe Australia and I lost contact.

Can anyone help with a contact address for Ian Grierson? I remember him showing slides of his Iceland trip in 6th form assembly, but didn't know he had moved to Australia.

7th March 2000
From Pierre Margetts (1970-1972)

Hello everyone.

I have added a file in the ex-chippy school sites vault.If you are curious go have a look.I will on occasion add and delete a different photo depicting life in British Columbia.I am still learning how to use my scanner and will try to make the size of the downloads smaller. I guarantee there will never be anthing offensive there.I am just having a little fun.

All the best,
Pierre Margetts

PS:Also gives me a chance to try-out John's notice board

Editors Note: The vault is not strictly part of this site, it's one of the free extras we get with the egroups mailing list account, providing 20MB of file storage space. Please feel free to make use of it. (That is one big fish Pierre, you wouldn't find one of those in the River Evenlode!)

1st March 2000
From John Mann (1973-1980)

Welcome to the new Noticeboard area. The idea behind the noticeboard is that it is a half way house between the permanent (although you can change it if you want!) "Other info" section of the main list and the transient nature of the mailing list. Use this area to post queries about old friends you are trying to track down, or just reminisce about your schooldays. Take as much space as you like. New messages will be added at the top of the page, old ones will remain as long as possible.

For an idea of just what I'm on about, take a look at this similar page for Penglais School

Send messages for the Noticeboard to: