Bronze Award Practice Expedition

Richard Brooks and Steven Jones

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I'm still hopeful that some pictures of the expedition will emerge but until they do this will be a text-only entry.

Richard describes this expedition as "A classic example of how not to do a DOE....". It followed a similar route to John Mann and Michael Peart's 1976 expedition, following the old railway line from Chipping Norton and walking through the tunnel at Hook Norton.

The campsite was at Withycombe Farm, Wigginton Heath.

To carry their equipment, Richard and Stephen ignored the conventional advice to pack everything neatly inside a rucksack. Kettles and billy cans were attached to the outside of the rucksacks with lengths of string, where they rattled and clanked as they walked along. Needless to say this did not go down well with the assessors.

On arrival at the camp site, the pair were met by assessors Mr Mann and Mr Messenger. The farmer was in the process of carrying out baling work in the camp field and for some reason Mr Messenger decided he would help in this work by stacking the bales. This took a considerable time!

The "purpose" of the expedition was stated to be camp craft. A reasonable enough choice; however it consisted of Richard producing a wall-mounting kitchen tin-opener, which he nailed to a tree.

A good job this was just a practice expedition!

Richard may have been inspired by "The Goodies and the Beanstalk" as seen below.