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25th May 2011
Hailey School 1956 photo added.

2nd October 2010
Picture of egg and spoon race added to 1958 archives

21st February 2010
Picture of rounders team added to 1950s archives.

11th October 2009
Picture of 4WS in 1985 added to the archives.

27th March 2009
Added The Nortonian for 1955

Added picture of early hockey team to 1930s archives
1st February 2009
Added Nortonian article on Champex trip to 1960 archives
24th January 2009
"I Remember" by Cliff Rogers added to 1937 archives

18th January 2009
Mathematical Times 1975 added to archives.

1st January 2009
Page added with details and pictures of David Robins and Ian Wakefield's Silver Duke of Edinburgh expedition in the Forest of Dean.

13th October 2008
Added photo of under 13 cricket team to 1962 archives
Added photo of under 15 cricket team to 1964 archives

11th August 2008
Pictures of the Chess Club and Form 3 added to the 1938 archives.

4th November 2007
School plans for 1957 and 1968 added.

13th October 2007
Added pictures from the collection of Walter Padley MP, one of the original pupils from the school opening in 1928. They can be found in the 1929 archives, 1931 archives, 1932 archives, 1933 archives and 1953 archives.

10th September 2007
Pictures of Sue Newton, Miss Burgess and form 5TG added to 1964 archives.
24th June 2007
Group picture of Glasbury 1981 added to archives section

9th December 2006
Picture of 3rd Chipping Norton Guides added to non-school section

19th November 2006
Picture of Miss Bellwood's class added to 1962 archive

26th October 2006
Page about Michael Peart and John Mann's Duke of Edinburgh expedition in 1976