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Chipping Norton High School Reunion
March 2004

It has been a very long time since I attended Chipping Norton High School. I arrived at the age of 14 as a transfer from Leamington College for Girls, in January 1963. As such, I might have missed the reunion held in March of 2004 as it was primarily held for those who had begun in 1959 and left in 1964.

Thoughts of reconnecting with high school friends had been on my mind periodically throughout my life, and the desire had increased as I got older. I live in a country (USA) where reunions are prevalent, for high school, college, and even families. How would I ever find those I knew almost 40 years ago?

I decided to see what that wonderful medium, the World Wide Web, had to offer, and low and behold, I found John Mann's wonderful site dedicated to all Ex-Chippy students! I quickly registered my name, and searched for others I could remember. I even had an original copy of the whole school 1964 photo tucked away in my attic. Shortly I was contacted by Clare Hedges (Hutt) and she and I emailed each other many times. A trip to the UK in July, 2003 had to be cancelled due to a death in my husband's family, but I was able to travel in September that year. It was a wonderful mini reunion even if it was brief. Cicely Atwell (Maunder) was beginning to talk about pulling a larger group together and I was fascinated to learn she had a copy of the original 1959 roster containing about 160 names.

Cicely's group consisted of herself, Sue Hood (Grantham), Janice Coleman (Brice) and Peter (Jock) Hutchison. They pulled it all together for March, 2004, when it had been almost 40 years since many of us had met.

I waited for Clare and her husband in the Crown and Cushion on the night of March 27th. I could hear some people talking about the reunion, and yet could not rustle up the nerve to go over and see who they were. I couldn't believe I was nervous after all these years! I soon found out some felt the same way I did.

From the original 160 names, more than 75% were found. I consider this a great feat considering the length of time since we had all scattered to all parts of the globe. A few of us ended up Stateside, a couple went "down under" and there is one of us in Barbados. Credit and kudos to Cicely and her crew. On the actual day, at least 60 showed up to enjoy a great evening. Some faces were remembered, some faces were forgotten until we started talking. Memories were shared, along with hugs, photos, and addresses with promises to stay in touch. I learned of someone who had actually visited the city where I live (Richmond, VA) and had a terrible experience. Liz and Nick - please come back now you know I am here!

Unfortunately I left in a hurry and didn't have an opportunity to say goodbye. I would like to thank all involved in pulling this together - I am very glad I was able to sneak in despite my late arrival into the class of 1959-1964.

I would still love to hear from those who would like to stay in touch. As it happens, I have a trip planned to Barbados in October of this year!

Debi Moir

Debi and Clare

The old section.

Looking through those old photos

Do you remember?............

The new bit.

You do remember me!

A motley group if ever there was one!

Gather around everyone.

What a spread!

Looking good Chris.

Well it was my camera

Ian and Mandy

Rodney and Frank

Peter in the middle of ?

Men at the bar - as usual!

Smile, Cicely

Cicely and Debi.

Liz, with camera