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Silver Expedition to Exmoor

Friday 30th June - Sunday 2nd July

Going from left to right we have:
Lizzie Nixey, Beth Clifford, Jenny Skinner, Ruth Holiday, Matt. Bradshore, James Shayler and Simon Crudge

This was our second stage of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award whereby we wanted to improve our personal goals of surviving out in the moors for three days. We thought the challenge was going to be quite demanding especially getting on as a group with certain individuals, as we had personality clashes. We thought constructively about this and decided that monitoring our group emotions would be the ideal purpose. As well as having the group emotions as our purpose we decided that we would study the natural fauna and flora of the area as it would be unfamiliar to our eyes. We also decided to monitor the history of the moors since we had done some research of the area. We thought the cairns would provide an interesting insight of the past.

What is The Duke Of Edinburgh's Scheme?

The Scheme is to improve or gain:
* Responsibility
* Self-reliance
* Perseverance
Anyone can take part and everyone can gain from it. The four sections of the Award and their effects on the development of participants are summarised below:
1. SKILLS - self-discipline, organisation, progression, new experiences and fun.
2. COMMUNITY SERVICE -self-confidence, understanding own strengths, responsibility and awareness of other's needs.
3. SPORTS AND RECREATION - challenge, achievement, personal fitness and confidence.
4. EXPEDITION - self- reliance, teamwork, sense of adventure and friendship.

On our journey we had one main assessor: Mrs. Phillips. However we had several staff from Chipping Norton School and Toby Jack son with Barley the dog to monitor our progress and check that we were on the correct route. The staff included:
* Mr. Graham
* Miss Shelley
* Mrs. Phillips
And others like:
* Toby Jackson with loopy springer spaniel.

"Oh no the tent. I forgot to put the fly sheet on
before the rain!? P.S. I am doing a G.C.S.E. in

The Expedition Kit List
The essential guide!

What you must take...
*Rucksack- obviously otherwise you would find it very difficult to carry all the other stuff!
*Waterproof liner- take unless you intend to wash your clothes with rain water!
*Sleeping Bag- to fluff up and make the people in your shared tents looking like chickens, because of all the feathers.
*Bed roll- to roll up other members to strike revenge!
*Cagoule- To put all those mouldy sandwiches in.
*Overtrousers- to morph into a rabbit if you place over head!
*Boots- to leave false trails for the beast of Exmoor.
*Thick socks-To infect tents with horrible smells.
*Spare socks-things that get in the way in your bag.
*T-shirt - to hide all your weedy muscles.
*Trousers-To walk in.
*Sweater-To form a barricade from all those nasty midges!
*Underwear-So you don't become knickerless!
*Hat- wear instead of a tea cosy
*Scarf-To strangle members of group when you don't get on too well.
*Gloves-To annoy you when trying to jam in everything in your bag.
*First aid kit-To get away with brutal accidents! (Ha Ha Ha)
*Poly Bags- To wear around your feet when it's raining.
*Whistle-To blow down your best friend's neck!
*Watch-To waste time when putting it on.
*String-To tie up and leave members of group stranded on Exmoor.
*Money- To bribe your assessors to take you home as soon as possible.
*Map and mapcase- to lose compasses in so you get lost.
*Camera- To take embarrassing photos of your team to show to your friends.
*Mug, Plate and Bowl- to play frisbee with and lose in hedges beside streams.
*Route cards-To make paper aeroplanes with behind your leader's back!
*Water Bottle- to knock against your head to make dents in the bottle (TOM!)
*Emergency Rations- To eat to make your bag lighter at the beginning of the journey, (dot really!)
*Food- So you can place arsenic in to poison your members of your group and have a food fight.
*Tent- So you can play hide and seek from midges.
*Trangia- To make more washing up.
*Washing up kit- To blow bubbles.

Menus for each day

Pasta and Source
And for afters we had Custard and Apple source.

Porridge followed by pancakes

Our own packed lunch

Pasta and tinned sources
Afters - flapjack

Porridge followed by pancakes

Our own packed lunch

"At last FOOOOOD!"

Some people couldn't wait for lunch on the Friday as it was fairly late, but the girls had the patience and will power to wait until the agreed time. The boys were very grumpy without having food in their stomachs.

How were decisions arrived at?

Decisions were in the majority decided by group work and discussions, but the two people who had planned the day's route had the overriding choice. We used relief of the land many times to decide where to go.

We had four tents between seven of us: Jenny and Lizzie, Beth and Ruth, Matt and Simon, and James had his own. what happened when we got to the sites was Jenny put water on for the drinks and Simon and Matt and Beth and Ruth put up their tents. Lizzie and James began theirs, and when the others had finished, Beth and Ruth helped Lizzie and Simon and Matt offered to help James, and then we all had a drink and something to eat.

We all helped each other in the mornings as it was somewhat more rushed as we had departure times.


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