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Chipping Norton School 5th and 6th forms 1946

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Updated March 31, 2008

Mike Grinnell-Moore has very kindly supplied this picture of the 5th and 6th forms in 1946. Mike says: "I suddenly realised that it is historically interesting apart from anything else. You will see that it is headed C.N.C.S. that is Chipping Norton County School which was the definition of the school at that date. It was after the introduction of the classification "Secondary Modern" that the school became officially "Grammar". I hope the names are readable! That is me at the right on the back row, still Mike Moore at that time."

I have given the usual grid of names below the picture as (1) Mike has been able to supply many of the Christian names (2) it means that Google will be able to see them!

Chipping Norton School 5th and 6th forms 1946

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1946Identification list

Row 1, is the back row, row 6 the front row. Numbering is from left to right. A "?" indicates a tentative identification.


Row 1

Row 2
Row 3
1 M. Pearce Thelma Troughton Diana Oliver
2 Esme Joynes D. Jeffs J. Wiggins
3 Audrey Franklin Miss Ellis Barbara Pizzie
4 M. Joyner Miss Jones S. Lord
5 Ruth Dancer Mr Coomber Diane Hunt
6 M. Hovard Mr Watts Marion MacKay
7 Sheila Fletcher Roy Tidmarsh Olive Dowsett
8 David Leahy R. Smith Eileen Burford
9 Peter Vick Mike Sinden END
10 Derek Edginton E. Moore  
11 Harry Wheeler END  
12 Tony Freeman    
13 Mike Moore    

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