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Updated June 8, 2014

Mike Grinnell-Moore has found this picture for us in what he decribes as an "appalling state"! It's scanned quite well, though so over to you to provide some names!

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1948 Identification list

Row 1, is the back row, row 6 the front row. Numbering is from left to right. A "?" indicates a tentative identification.

ROW 4 - This consists of 6 boys on the left of the picture, and 8 girls on the right. The left-most girl in this row is number 7.



Row 1

Row 2
Row 3

Row 4


Row 6
    Mick Claridge         
1 John Howse          
2 Fred Ivings Mike Simms Raymond Simms      
3 David Parsons Douglas Gibbard        
4 Mr. Kench - Janitor Ken Wearing        
5 Raymond Kinch          
6 Geoffrey Benfield Brian Pinfold     Dave Bennett  
7           Jim Morton
8   Don Taylor Peter Leach   Patrick Howes   
9   Doug Reeve Oliver Goodman   Tony Ayres  
10 John Ackerman John Line?     Nigel Clifford  
11 Ian Kenyon Philip Herbert Geoffrey Hancock   Eric Goffe  
12 Dave Simms Arthur Pick    John Alder   Patrick Tolley? Rodney Cornell
13 Sidney Collins   Donald Barnes   Alan Gibbs Raymond Young
14   Norman Windsor Roy Bishiop   David Tarver Roy Bishop
15 Roy Burden Robert Moss Allen Morley END -More? Terry Richards
16 Tom Page   David Hawtin   David Leahy  
17 ? Walters   Donald Manners   -Sinden  
18   David Bennett        
19   Brian Brindle Frank Stanbridge      
20   Paul Ashmore? Ernie Sandles   Mr Lush (Maths)  
21   Johnny Johnson      Mr Beard, (French)  
22   Tony Bridges  Derrick Wilson    Mr Ecclesshall ( History)  
23 Graham Price John Roberts ? Burden   Mr Venn, (English)  
24 Laurie Baughan   Diana Griffin    Mr. Boardman (Physics)  
25   Alan Mace  Maureen Ball   Mr Partridge (Latin)  
26 Guy Arnold       Mr Miles, (Maths)  
27         Mr Robinson
28 Peter Draper?       Miss Dixon (Senior Mistress+ French)  
29 Audrey Franklin Geoffrey
    Miss Bellwood (Art)  
30 Norma Bishop Rosemary Snell     Miss (Betty) Harrop, (Biology)  
31 Rachel Hanney Hazel Townsend      Miss Knowles, (P.T.)  
32     Joan Tidmarsh   Mrs. Crellin (?Krellin) (Geography) Lorna Coram
33     Pat Wiggins   Miss Davis (Domestic
Jean Watts
34 Betty Barnes       Mrs. Evans (Music) Margaret Fowler
35         Mrs J.Stockford, (Secretary)  
36 Beatrice Griffin   Margaret Hutt   Janet Tolley  
37 Jill Sinden Janet Shayler       Jeanette Morgan
38   Kathleen Smith        
39   Joan Peake Gillian Brackenbury     END
40   Joyce Beck.        
41     Gladys Prew   Gwyneth Powell  
42 Dorothy Tustian   Margaret Warner      
43 Pauline Taylor   Eileen Boulter   Peggy Castle  
44 Mary
Beryl Clifton Audrey Mitchell   Jean Goffe  
45 Marion Dodd Hazel Charlwood June Benfield   Dawn Newport  
46   Audrey Huckings Dorothy Dilly   Vera French  
47   Joy Cripps Lorna Wheeler   Angela Leahy  
48 Gwyneth Wathen       Margot Rivers  
49 Diana Bendle   Audrey Rawlins      
50   Rita Keith Marian Howes   END  
51   Brenda Davis?/Davies? Patricia Holley      
52   Theresa Cahill        
53   Mavis Harbod        
54 Margaret Hovard          
55 Brenda Shadbolt          
56 Mary Middleton Mary Baughan Mr Lainchbury, (caretaker)END      
57 Pauline Stickley Janet Joye        
58   Ann (Anne?) Cummings        
59 Brenda Burden Mary Longworth        
60 Jessie Parsons          
61   END        

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